Always on Sunday (43)

Always on Sunday has been…postponed to Thursday – sorry guys, it´s been busy times and I just couldn´t really sit down, relax and have a go at writing this summary.

// Done //
– Learning for my entrance exam
– Preparing for job interviews and doing job interviews
– Working out every day
– Physiotherapy
– Celebrating that 1. FC Köln is soon playing internationally
– Projekt Wasserwoche (project: water week) – only drinkign water for a week and nothing else

// Eaten //
– Pancakes
– Selfmade burgers made of toasties and the normal burger ingredients

// Bought //
Nothing special as far as I can remember, but I might simply be too old to remember 😉 Joking aside, food things, drinks and that´s it as I actually have everything that I needed.

// Listened to //
Mostly RadioAlster, because I am too lazy to actively choose my music unless I am at home and in need of cheering up music in the evening whilst finishing off the day.

// Watched //
My usual series, it´s become my daily business to heck for new episodes of certain series – but I really cannot wait for Vikings bringing up a new season, I am sooooooo sick and tired of waiting, it´s crazy. It´s really a series that I miss loads!

// Read //
I read an article about neuroscience and how oxytocin is the base for having trust in others, how chronic stress – amongst other factors – is killing the production of it and everything related to how to create a culture of trust in businesses – you can ead it **HERE**
Same goes for “Leadership in context” which I just started working on, so no summary on this one – but have your own read **HERE**

// Played //
Sims 4 again thanks to the mods that I added, and it´s clearly become more fun again and a nice break in between learning and preparing job interview and related things – just great for turning off the mind for a while.

// Thought //
That I really gotta pass this damned entrance exam not only because I really wanna study this degree programme but also because I so need a success to boost my damned ego that slowly but steadily is rotting.

// Happy about //
The weather – mostly at least because I enjoy the sunny weather, even though I could do with a tad more wind and only around 22°C, but the sunny weather feels good on mind and body I think.

// Angry about //
Humans, money, life…sometimes you are just angry at everything and everyone, and partially in the evenings that´s what I lived through. And maybe angry with myself most for not being able to fully focus on applications and the entrance exam and that concentrating whilst switching from one topic to the other has been terrible tough for me…

// Wished for //
Less workouts, more unhealthy food, more being lazy…but being caught up in a hamster wheel like I am, it´s gonna remain a dream I suppose.

// Dreamt about //
Odd combinations of concerts, countries, unknown people…