Day X+270-275 – Final preparations

22.05.2017 – Day X+270
Cheating…well after having ice cream I hardly had any Weight Watchers points left but kept on eating because…I had to eat something, you know…this warm weather inspires me to eat less normal food and more sweets, especially when it is icecream or sorbet…it´s a battle against yourself…but talking about battles – physio therapy in the morning, then rushing home just to wait for a not-coming-water-checking-dude, then rushing for job interview and in the evening a job test for another job…it was madness.

23.05.2017 – Day X+271
It was warm, and humid. Really humid. I noticed that on my run when I chose to run rather in a nature setting than city setting, and with water around I felt like I had to fight myself through walls of humidity. It was terrible, but the run felt good anyways, at first. But I noticed that my body was somehow different, and didn´t feel that good as usual. But didn´t bother before going my boyfriend´s place – and getting soaking wet due to strong rain that started from one second to the other. my shoes were swimming pools and…terrible. Fully disgusting.

24.05.2017 – Day X+272
Workout a bit, busy day afterwards and in the evening I then had my Hoop lesson which as such went well, but I reached a point where my body told me that it´s reached its limit with workoung out 4-6 times a week as I did lately. I had a blockade in my upper body all of a sudden, and just a massage roll at least partially solved the issue. But yeah, that was the moment where I decided to not workout as much anymore until Finland and afterwards really watch my body more and take more relaxed days than I did. And I ordered a massage roll to start treating my body better than I have done before…

25.05.2017 – Day X+273
Lazy day, I felt fully exhausted from a body point of view, and my brain also started to more an more fry and learning has become really tough as my brain just says no. So much pressure during the last weeks, it´s really been a bit much to be honest.

26.05.2017 – Day X+274
The day of the cooking class – but as I will be still writing about this in a separate blog entry, I will not really spoiler too much, only say it´s been a great yet hot evening as it was a warm day and then cooking…sweat clearly was running, but it was so worth it!

27.05.2017 – Day X+275
Not much going on since my boyfriend had left at around lunchtime, and I was just mostly being lazy – something here, some tidying up there, some learning, some finishing off packing, some stretching and gymnastics to recover my body…it´s been too hot outside anyways to move around…


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