Projekt Wasserwoche 2017

It´s been the second time that I had the pleasure of being a part of the project called “water week”, sponsored and organized by German water brand Gerolsteiner. One week with just tea and mostly water, no soft drinks, nothing else.

I thought that it wouldn´t been too hard for me anymmore, as I am not drinking alocohol anymore and thought I´d be living pretty healthy, but I was surprised how difficult it was at the very beginning. Yes, I usually had some light/zero Coca Cola or Energy drink here and there, and had to face the fact that I seemingly had become quite a bit dependent on it without noticing it.

Because I struggled with getting going in the mornings of the first two days, but more and more my body got used to it and it became easy – even though I really felt like a water balloon and even though on some days of this week it was really easy for me to drink and I drank more than the usual amount of water. That was partially caused by massive amounts of sports and also the weather which was really warm – this combination made me drink drink drink at the start of the week, at the end it got less and just the thought of my daily dose of water just made me struggle and shudder.

But in egnerally I started feeling really refreshed and during my sport sessions I felt more energized and struggled less with cramps, breathing problems and all of this – and on top I even lost half a kilo of weight during this week, really crazy. Maybe it was just a mental thing that made me feel like having more energy, or I was usually simply drinking too little and therefore struggled with my runs and exercising. Also I had less appetite, mostly – okay, sometimes I really felt like eating a whole sweets store, but that´s normal right at the moment 😉

Conclusion? It´s been yet another amazing week with my favorite water (and yes, I made it, all bottles were successfully empty by the end of the week!) which I can totally recommend to everyone – cut the energy drinks, cut the sweet drinks, drink more water – I know it´s easy to say, but I will go ahead and try to give my best to continue living this lifestyle wven though I am sure it´ll be a struggle and yet another longterm challenge for myself in the end.