Hoop Lesson 4 (24.05.2017)

The air inside the room was…well you could´ve cut it into slices. During the warm up I already sweated like an idiot, but the armup felt good, even though my sense of balance really seemed off track today for whatever unknown reasons. It got better, but something was not quite going well, at least the flexibility was okay again even though I am not training it anymore currently.

We were repeating the figures and also with the counts instead of with the music, and it was all about repeating and reapeating and it really was tiring but was worth it. Some positions finally start feeling more natural and less stressful, yet the splits away when holding the fabrics above the hoop kinda ended with having scrapped off my skin on my hands in big style when I had slippery sweaty hands. And fuck that hurt, I really cannot do it like this, that´s for sure. Or maybe I am doing something wrong ith the grip and how I position my hands on the fabrics, but…no clue yet. Need to work on that a lot.

New element today was “The Bird” – actually not really hard, unless you have totally stiff muscles in shoulder and upper back and then need to tense these muscles…that kinda killed my back, and I had a blockade in my upper back again. Great success, even though the position really was not hard at all to do, pretty simple, only thing I need to watch is that I keep my chin up and my toes pointed as usual.

Then we also added another transition back to siting, which was about balancing a bit, pulling yourself up and going into back into the seat. Sounds easy, looked easy when my teacher did it – when I do it, it looks like a marionette trying to bend body parts that it cannot bend whilst desperately trying to look elegant. Nope, not my kind of stuff…

Overall? Tiring and painful lesson due to my back, but otherwise it went comparably well…I finally seem to be getting back into it again mind and body wise.

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