Day X+277-281 – Suomi!

I am postponing the “Always on Sunday” to tomorrow, because I first want to share my experiences from my Finland trip!

Galleries of my camera photos will still follow – for many of my phone snapshots, check and follow my INSTAGRAM!

29.05.2017 – Day X+277 – Hamburg -> Bremen -> Tampere -> Jyväskylä
The day…well it started terrible. I overslept as my mobile phone alarm didn´t go off, but as I am always nervous before traveling, I woke up still in time. Just to take down the trash and wanting to bring the bike into the cellar – just without finding the bike. Because some fucking asshole stole it. So I had another massice stress factor on top, and I really freaked out – and still hurried to my train that brought me to Bremen as a first step. There I took the tram and noticed: the machine doesn´t take any bills (and I even withdrew some before) because it was defect partially, and I didn´t have enough coins. My nerves broke. were so close to breaking. And then there was this lady who simply payed the ticket for me – I was so so surprised because I am not used to such acts of kindness from people I don´t know.

In Finland then things got better – everything was working better, no bad surprises I thought…the trainride went smooth, the hotel room was as usual okay – and before showering I noticed I had forgotten my hairbrush. It was close before 11PM, so I jumped into whatever clothing I found first – and ran into a stil open supermarket just shouting “i only need a brush” when everyone was looking like “what the fuck?”…but I got one, showered, turned on like 8 alarm clocks on TV, tablet, phone, extra app on phone…no, I was not afraid to fall asleep – especially since everything made me emotional already, so I was not sleep deep at all.

30.05.2017 – Day X+278 – Jyväskylä
I woke up to outside being +1°C – and me with a sleeveless dress and just a thin hoodie – of course with my winter jacket, but still I felt like being wrongly dressed. And my night had been short, and totally not well at all – the make up made up for it though, so that I at least didn´t look like a total zombie. Yet I felt so when arriving at university and being there too early and thus needing to wait outside in the cold – I felt retarded in my winter jacket, being the only one not dresed with a light jacket. The registration nevertheless was quick and without problems, and then everyone turned crazy and learned until the last second whilst I didn´t touch my learning materials at all anymore.

During the written exam that came first, I was stressed to an extend it was insane – the amount that you were allowed to be writing was limited, and that made me angry and rised my stress level even higher because the pre-reading materials were great and interesting topics where I was able to also add a lot of own experience to the topics – if I had the space for it. Thus it´s been really all about compromising, cutting things short – and I hate needing to do that. Made me angry and finish already after half an hour and as the second person in the room. I felt bad about it, terribly bad to be saying the least. Afterwards it was waiting for the interview times being published – and as it was my turn at late lunchtime, I again went home and some food shopping to actually be eating something before passing out during the interview. Dead tired, hungry, and ready to just fall into bed if that would´ve been possible, but wasn´t. After a 9€ salad, I returned to university to do the interview, and that felt better than the written exam somehow, which is weird. But I still really do feel more confident about this one than about the written exam.

Afterwards still spent some time with some other applicants before I went to the hotel, changed and did a run – I really needed to get my mind cleared and turned off, and it´s been the perfect decision. Even though it´s been too cold for what I was wearing, but the view made up for it, clearly. And afterwards I just dropped into bed and that was it then for the day, I really had no power left anymore.

31.05.2017 – Day X+279 – Jyväskylä & Tampere
I “slept in” – I slept longer and I slept really deep and there could´ve been abomb going off right next to my bed and I would have not woken up because yesterday had been so exhausting for me, physically and mentally both. But I got up, got packed up and brought my stuff to mainstation, to be able to go to “my” lake for photographing and just turning off the mind. And that worked, it worked really well. I think I´ve not been that calm for quite a while, and I noticed how my body was able to relaxed. Thoroughly. Fully. Every bit of it, I was okay with the world for once. And it´s been a beautiful feeling! But at some point I started freezing and walked all the way back to the centre to buy my train ticket and go to Tampere to my friend´s place to do pretty much nothing for the rest of the days as I already had reached my step goal and was just in pain because of my legs being totally overtaxed. And I needed to relax, as simple as that 😉

01.06.2017 – Day X+280 – Tampere
I slept longer, and felt rather good at first – when I looked at the weather my mood became lower, but I didn´t care and packed my camera and everything and went for a 2,5h walk for photographing nature and whatever comes along. And it´s been a great walk, silence, no music, no noises except for the lake, wind and the floor underneath my feet. I enjoyed it, though it´s been really freezing, and I am really not used to such cold temperatures anymore after those summer like temperatures in Germany lately.

After my time out I really needed a hot tea, warming up and relaxing my legs because they were still hurting from yesterday and all the walking. It is crazy how many steps I have been walking during the past days, it´s nearly a new record, seriously. But my legs aren´t used to that, specially walking uphill, downhill, uphill again, fighting against the wind and everything…but the views were worth the pain, but I am done with this – and enjoyed unhealthy food for the rest of the day, as well as sitting on the couch and simply doing nothing for a while. Before starting the struggle of packing and worrying about overweight luggage.
Because I knew it was gonna be bad with all the stuff I had been buying as eatible and drinkable souvenirs ^^

02.06.2017 – Day X+281 – Tampere -> Bremen -> Hamburg
After a night where I woke up every hour to check the time as I was afraid my phone´s alarm wopuldn´t be going off again, I was grumpy and dead tired yet i still walked to the train station from where the bus to the airport left. Ihad to get my steps done, because I was afraid of having gained weight (I hadn´t, but that´s nother story I learned later at home). Talking about weight – my luggage was quite over the booked weight, so I packed loads of things into my backpack, trashed some half-empty stuff and the rest 1,5kg too much the ladies luckily just ignored and I didn´t have to pay extra. Relieved. The flight was unspectacular, I was dozing off, as usual – at least tried, because I had a screaming kid in the row in front of that I would´ve loved to throw off the plane. God damnit.

I was relieved when I arrived at the airport and quickly made it to the main station to get my train from Bremen to Hamburg – I wa shappy I got such an early train, but regretted it again because I ended up in a waggon with a group of noisy, annoying drunk elderly. My anger problem grew and grew…and didn´t get any better once I was home and called the insurance to check if my bike was included in it or not – nope, of course now. All I then did for the rest of the day was grocery shopping, a hot bath and catching up on my fave series. Mentally totally exhausted, brain fried.


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