Always on Sunday (44)

Always on Sunday has been…postponed to Wednesday – I first wanted to really post about my Finland trip, and I am aware of the fact I have not done this flashback last week…simply too busy!

// Done //
– Finland with entrance exam, running and loads of walking and photographing
– Cooking class
– Went to the cinema for Pirates of the Caribbean
– Started editing photos from my Finland trip

// Eaten //
– Pizza and other fast food
– Finnish sweets and dishes
– Too expensive salad

// Bought //
– The tickets for the cinema
– Food- Lonkero and chocolate to take home with me
– Cross running shoes

// Listened to //
Apocalyptica as it is my general motivational and comforting music, but also Madina Lake´s “House of Cards” – the latter has a huge meaning to me in regards of entrance exams and Jyväskylä, so it´s been on repeat a lot.

// Watched //
As mentioned before, I watched the new Pirates of the Caribbean part called “Dead Men Tell no Tales” (the German translation of the title is hilariously off track though) – and my boyfriend and I watched it with original voices, so in English. And I enjoyed it a lot because it´s had a good combination of action, humor and feelings…and last but not least, they added a character called “Carina” to the movie, which felt pretty odd to be saying the least xD

// Read //
Only my pre-reading material until the day of the exam, and afterwards nothing too exciting actually, just some news bits here and there, because you cannot go without it when browsing on the internet and being on Social Media…but no really exciting article or anything.

// Played //
Nothing really, just some casual games on my tablet because I wasn´t really sitting much on my compzuter – too busy, and the on the road I only had my tablet and my phone. And since I am not anyone with games on my phone, only the tablet was left – and that needs Wifi 😉 So yes, I was really restricted in my playing.

// Thought //
So many thoughts about how I was seemingly the youngest one in my entrance exam, and how misplaced I felt at times because many people just felt so important oh so “omg look at me what I can do and how many years of experience I have and you lil girl got nothing” – really made me wonder what is wrong with people to act like this. But as I am certain this is not really an appreciated behaviour in the exam, I might be lucky that they acted like this. But still – remember, you always meet at least twice in life…

// Happy about //
Having done this entrance exam and having survived, because I am still really afraid of it…but I managed, and that´s what counts. Also it was great to go out to the movies with my boyfriend – my fave human with my fave movie…couldn´t be any better ^^

// Angry about //
Germans not knowing personal space. For whatever´s sake, don´t squeeze onto me. Just do not do it damnit. There is enough space in most cases, so leave me alone, do not touch me or anything…gnah. How I hate that about central Europe.

// Wished for //
Already having the results of the exam and interview, as well as having my boyfriend with me to make it easier for me to relax ^^

// Dreamt about //
I dreat about only having half of the 100 possible points in the entrance exam and would be the 46th in the ranking, aka 1 place too low in the ranking to be accepted at university…

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