Hoop Playtime (08.06.2017)

Wow, it´s been the first playtime in a while, and it felt weird at the start because I´ve become so used to actually having a certain warm-up routine dictated by my teacher without the need of using your own brain. And there I was, needing my own brain – sounds hilarious, but makes a difference and I know I still do not get anywhere near the warmed-up level for the playtimes as I am when in class. So I warmed up, and then had a look at what was done during the last class because I really needed to catch up to be up to date with all the moves and positions and annoying transitions.

And what I spotted didn´t make me that happy to say the least, but no can do – my totally hated position which at least worked a bit better now (seen above on the right). But the problem was: it was an addition where you had to let loose of the hoop with one hand. And that simply did not work no matter how much I tried. Maybe I need to shift my bodyweight even more, let´s see how it´ll go during my next playtime and training session. It just needs tons of repeating and ignoring the pain ^^

The left move on the photo is pretty easy, even stough it feels rather unstable up there – but you just hang yourself in there with the arms (never mind the bruises on the upper arms) and then try to push away the hoop as much as possible so you can get into a split (or sort of). That move never made any troubles for me, as I enjoy everything that sort of means you go into such a split – even though I am far away from actual splits, but anyways.

And here you see above two fully hated positions, on the left it´s a variation of The Fish from what I know – and the right one, I have no idea, you just drop your left leg and then try to get it up there. Whilst the fish still works okish, whenever I remove the left leg I slip and slip and slip and have a terrible time to get back into the hoop again and I have yet to figure out what I am actually doing wrong there, because I am more than clueless. Maybe I should try without socks or so, but I am not sure if that will not maybe turn out really painful…It possibly looks cool at some point, but right now it rather looks like a whale clinging to the hoop…and feels like it, too.

Oh and have I mentioned we´re doing some kind of a roll again? Well I have no idea if you should be calling it a roll or anything, but I was surprised how well it´s been doing with this one even though that everything going into the roll-direction, especially backwards, is kinda scary for me now that I am a scared and worrying grown-up. But have a look at the video below:


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