Always on Sunday (45)

I should really somewhen give this blog entry a different name “flashback to last week, somewhen during the week. Eventually”. But I am having so much to blog about and so little power to sit down every day and write it all down…

// Done //
– Hoop playtime
– Dreaming of vacations away from Hamburg
– Editing photos
– Crappiest run ever since I started running

// Eaten //
– Sweets. Have I mentioned…sweets?
– Loads of meat again and too little fish

// Bought //
– Tickets to an exhibition
– Ordered another pair of trail running shoes
– Ordered sports supplements
– Bought sport clothing

// Listened to //
Not much, I don´t really feel like listening to music actively right now, all I want is mostly silence – or I am watching Alster Radio, a station that is playing mostly rock somgs when I go somewhere as I am totally not willing to make decisions in regards of what to choose for listening to.

// Watched //
The usual daily series, some documentaries and the usual house building series when being with my boyfriend…yes, it´s been a terribly lame week when it comes to what I watched, but I cannot change that anymore as you might know xD

// Read //
Nothing. Simply nothing. After my entrance exam I literally haven´t read a thing anymore, because I somehow don´t feel like having the peace of mind to sit down and just read. I wish I could have back my skill to sink into a book and a story again…instead I am restless.

// Played //
Started playing Sims 4 with all the new add ons – and well, I think it´s gonna be excessively playing for quite a while again, at least when I am not busy with doing other things like sports and application writing…

// Thought //
That the damned tax office could maybe eventually finally soon work on my tax return papers and giv me the money back so I could think about vacations or a sport course and such…but no, take your time, it´s summer, go on vacation, have noone else work on these papers…I have time…

// Happy about //
Time with my boyfriend. And that´s it already pretty much – maybe I need to boost my fun and ego again with starting sewing again ^^

// Angry about //
Myself, my insomnia, life…everything to be honest at times, simply because if things just go wrong I am currently not having much of a frustration tolerance anymore. Either things go well, or I am all upset within minutes to be saying the least, and that´s happened a lot last week. And watching me fail even though I prepared and gave my best is just so painful…and then you wonder if you could´ve not done even more and prepared even better and start getting angry at yourself without any proper reason.

// Wished for //
The entrance exam results, my money from the tax office…many things that did not happen. It´s the often lacking light at the end of the tunnel.

// Dreamt about //
Being fat again, not finding a job and being Hartz IV living in a terrible area and not being able to do my studies and being alone.

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