Hoop Playtime (13.06.2017)

New week, new play time, new time for torture! To be honest, when I hopped onto the bus to Aerial Dance Center, I couldn´t have been any less motivated to even go there, to even leave the apartment. I felt weak, tired, and not up for being around humans but forced myself because I still really had to get to practice and work my ass off.

And that´s also what I did – my warm up was probably the last good that I have ever done, simply because it´s this necessary evil for me in my head – I need to do it before the actual fun can start, and I really have a hard time to pull through my 15min of warming up routine. Well, routine is overrated – my warming up something randomly put together as my brain functions as a black hole.

So let´s start with writing about the easy stuff – I like to hang around and the back roll was already easy last time, but I was not really happy about my balancing and leg position yet – and today I tried to feel myself more into it, and look at the difference below – I was surprised as well, because it felt like I didn´t change much at all. and I feel it now looks much better though it´s a tad more heavy on the body.

Then continued with my fully hatred position where I always struggled and last time failed to take off my right arm as I should be doing it for the choreography (you can do without, but then you look even more like a noob than you already do anyways, and I am not really keen on THAT).  And after how it felt zillions of tries, bruises, scrapped off skin, swearing, frustration – it worked twice, and this is the capture of when it finally worked – I mean, the normal position was no problem today, but…it´s just the daily shape and nothing to rely on unfortunately.  Plus, my left arm shows some strained-symptoms again, like back in the days. And that´s really odd because it comes up just since I started practicing this one position again…I don´t get it.

After something tough comes something easy, I´ve been not really struggling with two positions below at all, as they´ve pretty similar to what I´ve don already before and don´t need that much flexibility or anything, and they look good – unless you´re a fatty like me, then the bird looks like it´s been overfed xD I can laugh about myself and that´s pretty important, especially because not everything always works and looks well on the first try, and the angle from below from the floor is also not the best…ah well, you gotta cope ^^

Splits! It´s all about spreading your legs (no, not in a dirty and sexual way, dare you!) – and I am happy to see how much the split-try looks better already compared to last time. It´s been a spositive surprise for once, and I enjoy such surprises so much…and still, those two positions I enjoy a lot, they make you look so flexible and sexy even though you mostly just hang there. Okay okay, no, that´s exaggerated, because you do need strength in your body all the time no matter how relaxed it looks, but it´s less bad than other positions and moves.

And last but not least – easy stuff that is more a repetition from what I knew already before and still need for this chorography, so it´s more of a warm-up and cool-down move stuff even though you do need indeed some flexibility. In the early days that´s been making trouble but now it´s become one of the most confident ones that I am actually doing…funny how things can change. Anyways, peace out!


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