Cooking Class @ Kochhaus (26.05.2017)

Better late than never – actually I had thought that I would have already been blogging about it and only needed to finish off the article but soon had to face reality: I hadn´t even started, though it´s been on my plate for ages ever since my boyfriend and I did this cooking class. Anyways, now it´s the time for the report on the experience, the food and the whole evening back then!

So yeah, we (aka my boyfriend and me) went to Kochhaus in Ottensen for our cooking class, for food with a mexican touch. We both chose this course we though that this was the one where we liked most of the dishes more or less 😉

We were welcomed warmly, got the first drinks and waited for the rest of the participants of the course – and it was a sweet group, we had loads of fun, a nice mix of people and everything. I was kinda relieved because this mix really is important if you are stuck together for a whole evening.

The starter dish was: Corn-prawn-fritters with papaya-mango-avocado-salad – and the result you can actually see as the header picture of this blog entry. I was really skeptical about the prawns in there, because sea food is everything but my fave dish, and that dish totally changed that. It was really foodporn, and I totally fell in love with the fritters and it´ll clearly not be the only time that I did those. The salad (except the avocado part) we already did once after the course, as it is quick, easy, fruity and just so amazing for hot days!

The main dish that we had was a chorizo burger with roasted bellpeper, lime-mayonnaise and fried potatos. The burger bun unfortunately had already been prepared – that was actually one of the things I was curious about the most to be honest, but well, no can do. The rest was rather simple, even though it took quite some time if you need to prepare it for a bigger group of poeple and always need several steps until you can actually put it into the oven or onto the stove. The burger patties were really nice, clearly something I will be repeating – and the fried potatoes is something that I already did couple of times after that. It gives you great inspiration and ideas how you might even change the recipe a little to make it suit your taste even more.

We finished off the day with the dessert, fried pine-apple with mint-vinaigrette and citrus sorbet – it was totally not my taste at all, because the pine-apple was overly sweet for me, it was too much. The mint vinaigrette was great itself and the bought (cough cough) sorbet was also nice – but the mix of everything together was not working together at all. Clearly a “never again” for me.

Great group of people, the instruction was so la la and could have somehow given more practical tipps and the meal was fab. So overall, I really had loads of fun


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