Cooking: Mie noodles with vegetables and fillet of pork in a soy-oyster sauce

Cooking book: Lust auf Kochen: Kreative Rezepte für jeden Tag
Publisher: Kochhaus

Estimated time: 30min
Actual time: 55min

Difficulty: 2/10 (maybe, hard to judge…but it was rather easy)
Amount: For 2 people
Price per person: ~5€

The mentioned vegetables, by the way, are mushrooms, leek and mungo beans – though the leek was less of an ingredient than decoration…or well, no, not really. Accompanied by the garlic that was also on there, you felt like a growing balloon instead of having a belly 😉 The noodles didn´t want to loosen up as intended, and it was more of a struggle – as usually with those and me trying to cook them.

It´s clearly been a heavy main dish, as I am not really used to noodles and not in such a quantity, but it was really good. Because the noodles nicely sucked up the really intense smelling sauce and the meat and veggies had just the right amount of them in there. All in all clearly a great dish, but nothing for really hot days, rather for semi-warm days 😉


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