Always on Sunday (46)

I know that I skipped a Sunday, but somehow the post didn´t really want to come out right so I paused it for once again – today I will try to give my best and fill it as usual 😉

// Done //
– Not much of training since my unplanned 8.6km run last weekend
– Application writing
– Much relaxing because I didn´t feel too good and needed me-time
– Physiotherapy as usual
– With Full Force Festival with all its fails

// Eaten //
– Asian take-away
– Too much toast bread
– Too much sweets and ice-cream
=> my weight says “hiii, I am sooooo hiiiigh”
I really need to change this now again, I need to cut down the sweets and then return to all the healthy foods and less sauces

// Bought //
– Tent
– Food, toilet chips (for using a better toilet) at the festival and two cabs (thanks for that, festival, where is the shuttle?)
– General grocery shopping

// Listened to //
– Apocalyptica
– Apocalyptica
– Have I mentioned Apocalyptica?

// Watched //
My usual series “Alles was zählt” and “Mein Kind, dein Kind” – especially the latter is always hilarious, when seeing how people educate and treat their kids and everything and then battle who is doing better…When looking at all this I can just be happy that I grew up how I grew up in the end ^^

// Read //
Nothing pretty much xD Surely the general news here and there, because it´s important to be up to date but no book, no articles or anything…the week was over too quickly.

// Played //
“Sims 4”
still due to the new additional packs, becaus ethose really give it loads of new contents to explore and especially the fact that you now have the chance with three jobs to also participate actively in the daily life…
Also, my boyfriend and I played “Overcooked” this Friday – a videogame where you need to, together, cook certain meals in different tricky situations…it´s so much fun but clearly needs quite some strategy and loooads of precise communication xD

// Thought //
Thought full of hate, frustration, being upset…I really don´t wanna write all of them down, unless you are into several pages of ranting 😉

// Happy about //
My boyfriend being there for me, always supporting me, always worried if I am safe or not, always an open ear and a shoulder to lean on – you might say that it´s normal for a relationship, but I value these things still no matter what. And this relationship makes me happy as nothing else.

// Angry about //
Well, no surprise- first off, the weather. I hate this fucker to an extend that there is no words for this to still put it really nicely. And then the organization of the festival is what makes me really angry. Never seen such a terribly chaotic festival where people are seemingly not even prepared for the cancellation of a festival day and what comes iwth this and the bad weather. Hilarious.

// Wished for //
The info on my masters programme to finally come in…but no, they wait until the very last moment and will only publish it next week, which is driving me mad and sad to be fully honest.

// Dreamt about //
About a great Apocalyptica show, about turning off the mind for a while – yeah, no, nice dream it was. And besides this all kinds of odd dreams that I cannot properly recall, which is maybe better that way xD


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