Day X+290-294 – After darkness comes light

I really noticed that I need to catch up with these daily stories, as I have been down and uncommunicative for a lot of time lately – but I will manage, I promise!

11.06.2017 – Day X+290
Spontaneous trip to Geesthacht to visit my boyfriend´s family together with my boyfriend, I had the time and it felt good to actually get out of Hamburg, so all good, especially the weather. Even though it´s been freaking cold in public transport…anyways, it´s been a good Sunday, same goes for the soccer cup drawing – so Cologne is playing somewhere close to Bremen, at least something that´s doable distance-wise…

12.06.2017 – Day X+291
I just started selling quite a lot of memorabilia from ski jumping, music, concerts and what not because I started storing so many things that in the end don´t really mean much to me anymore…they´re there, take space, and catch dust but nothing more. And as I really can use money, it´s time to hit up Ebay again and try to get rid off all of the things – and that worked pretty well with the very first item already. I hope it´s gonna continue like this ^^

13.06.2017 – Day X+292
It´s been a while since I hit the hoop playtime last, but I really need to catch up with things due to my plans for the week or what was supposed to be my plans. Anyways, it worked really well, progress really showed and I was so proud of myself even though my left arm started hurting again with this one damned position that I always struggled with so far. But in the end – my mood remained rather crappy, my depression still kept me caught and I can do whatever I want, nothing seems to help me out of there…

14.06.2017 – Day X+293
After darkness comes…light. Loads of light – and totally unexpected. I had already forgotten that I had entered a raffle for tickets to With Full Force Festival and then in the evening got the news that I had won o.O Festival. Apocalyptica. Getting out of town. Turning off the mind for a while. And me. Fuck my life, sometimes miracles happen. Just when I was all desperate about things and was down, this happens…I am speechless, no words left!

15.06.2017 – Day X+294
Actually I had planned to be going another hoop playtime, but I think my arm was overworked still from Monday and also I had been doing odd stuff with it at nighttime – so nope, rather resting it instead of overdoing it. Instead I did food shopping for cooking with my boyfriend today and that really has been a struggle, running from one place to another trying to find some of the ingredients. We have bought a cooking book and will now try a first starter and main course tomorrow…Also I went to sell my concert ticket for System of a Down because I didn´t feel too much like being around many ppl and rather wanted the money xD


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