Day X+295-299 – Overdid it

16.06.2017 – Day X+295
Friday, and what kind of a Friday! I had spent the past day with buying all the needed ingredients for my boyfriend and me cooking the first recipes from the cooking book by Kochhaus and was so excited to try out new stuff. And how it was worth it, two plates of foodporn at its best! Surely it did take longer than indicated in the book, but hey, we´re beginners 😉 And the outcome really spoke for us – cannot wait to be cooking something off this book again! The rest of the evening was nice and relaxed, just as you´d imagine a Friday evening to be like 😉

17.06.2017 – Day X+296
Late and lazy start in the day, because that´s what Saturdays are made for I guess – the rest of the day and when I was home again I spent with grocery shopping and…well, what did I do besides playing Sims?

18.06.2017 – Day X+297
well, you know, sometimes things go well with running – I wanted to go and check out a certain park that, according to the signs was not far away. So i ran there and through it because it looked so nice and then was shocked to see already 5km on my tracker – and I hadn´t even turned around. So I ran back, in the end it´s been bloody 8,6km and I was in pieces and in pain because it was simply too much. My legs…no words. I really felt like being unable to walk anymore, but still managed to prepare an amazing salad with goat cheese as dinner, also from the cooking book!

19.06.2017 – Day X+298
To put it mildly, I was unable to go. Like, to walk. When I wanted to get out of bed, I felt a pain in my left leg that was…I don´t know, like an alien bit off my leg. Or something. It was terrible, and no matter what I did – cooling, keeping it warm, there was no way to have it get any better…No doubt, I was suffering shit tons and I couldn´t hide it. I wanted to really not move myself at all. I want a new leg for fuck´s sake.

20.06.2017 – Day X+299
Headaches returned and my leg still hurt, but rest will do the trick and did the trick and my boyfriend then took care well of me in the evening. Aaaand the bits of finnish beer I had also made me feel more comfortable again, brings back memories all the time.


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