Day X+300-304 – Downhill with full speed

21.06.2017 – Day X+300
Excited. Oh so excited. Everything is packed, I am ready! Except my body that is still acting up and is the reason why I am not going to my hoop class tonight – I really regret it and it makes me sad but I really don´t wanna risk anything to be honest…The festival is more important than any kinds of sports or workout right now…let the games begin – with a good night of sleep!

22.06.2017 – Day X+301 & 23.06.2017 – Day X+302
Well, how the festival day went, you know already as I´ve been blogging about it separately – the day after, aka the travel back home to Hamburg is also something, that I´ve been writing about. The evening though was great, because I took a hot bath and a long nap and then was ready for a lazy evening, lazy ordered food, playing some games…it was what I needed – comfort, and distraction from all the frustration of the ast 1,5 days…

24.06.2017 – Day X+303
When I woke up next to my boyfriend, the world was a bit better again, though my health was playing tricks on me. I felt like having a cold, weak, and dizzy. My mosquito bite was hot and swollen, and after having been home I decided to directly go to hospital to have it checked. And take a guess – I ended up with injections to kill the allergic reaction. Fun times for someone who is totally scared of needles…just thinking about it again makes me halfway pass out…but I didn´t. Just the side effects of the meds made me tired so I just did some grocery shopping and then relaxed and bathed in feeling terrible and miserable…oh and I ate. Loads. And drank. Even more.

25.06.2017 – Day X+304
I literally think that I spent the day eating and drinking and battling the side effects of yesterday´s medication. I did play here and there and also did some cleaning but I felt like a robot and not well at all. BUt you just gotta get stuff done…


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