Always on Sunday (47)

To be honest, I am right at the moment pretty grumpy because of a few things but as I am late with this entry anyways, but I´ll deliver you this flashback onto the week anyways 😉 Enjoy it tonight!

// Done //
– Application writing and one job interview
– Physiotherapy as usual
– Hoop lesson
– Preparing things t send in for my final university “go”
– Lüneburg for swimming and a walk with my boyfriend together
– Still struggling a bit with the side effects of the cortison injection
– Grocery shopping
– Cooking from the Kochhaus cooking book

// Eaten //
I was pretty much back on track again in regards of WeightWatchers, and that made me pretty happy…pretty much because there´s been simply still too many sweets that I gotta be cutting down, but that´s also gonna work – as there soon are no sweets left at home hahahaha

// Bought //
Groceries, and I think that´s it mostly…so nothing extraordinary that I can actually think of – okay, the flight to Finland for my introduction day at university but that´s it…

// Listened to //
Apocalyptica, some Deep Insight and loads of radio actually when I was on my way somewhere – usually I am just not willing to decide anymore what I wanna listen to…I really hate deciding that lately, no idea why though…

// Watched //
Rarely any specifically chosen music, and if so it was Apocalyptica, as I am still not getting over my fail with the With Full Force festival to be totally honest… And their “Shadowmaker” has always been an album that gives me loads of comfort, and as my mood was swinging, that was what I needed.

// Read //
Nothing – really. I´ve been a lazy and uneducated woman this week, and I don´t mind. I really am sick and tired of reading the news as it´s all negative anyways and somehow I haven´t yet found back to reading books…hopefully that´ll be back soon, because once I start my studies I will be reading for the studies only again I fear…

// Played //
Sims 4, and Sims 4, and even more of Sims 4 and…that was pretty much it. I kinda got sucked up in it, at times I just wanted to play half an hour later and then two hours later, I checked the time and nearly fell off my chair because I again “wasted” so much time…

// Happy about //
The news on my study place and that I am accepted and even made it with 80/100 points – I should be totally happy about the whole but somehow the perfectionist woke up again and says that 80 points wouldn´t be good enough hahaha Whatever, it´s party time!

// Angry about //
Ex-emyplosers being so stubborn or unable to quickly send me their reference letters on English. So I had to spend time on translating and then being bitched at for not so amazing translations – well thanks, I am no translator yet not willing to spend any money on that…god damnit. This is really so annoying.

// Wished for //
…all the damned G20 shit being over already. The things they start already now are annoying and it´s gonna be so much fun during the coming weekend because of which I cannot see my boyfriend because I had to go through the whole difficult area…so nope…

// Dreamt about //
Loads of bullshit, really. Loads of things reated to my degree programme, the tough mudder run coming up, and everything all mashed together and put into surreal contexts…


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