Day X+313-316 – A wild mix of things

04.07.2017 – Day X+313
To be honest – I cannot remember much about this day anymore, it feels already so far away, even though it´s not even a week. All I remember is that I had a nice and funny evening with my boyfriend again – pizza, laughing, computer games…good times!

05.07.2017 – Day X+314
Waking up next to someone you love…oh so precious! But then had to get my stuff together and go home, shower and get prepared for another job interview in the evening. To be honest, it was hard to motivate myself – not because I don´t want a new job, but rather because it didn´t work out for so many many countless damned times. And it feels like running through a dark tunnel and there is no end to be seen.

06.07.2017 – Day X+315
After my skype job interview today I made my way to buy some last things for my Tough Mudder Half and then went to gym and signed up – first hour of workout is done, and it really felt good…though I have a long path to walk until I am where I once was fitness wise. But whatever – at leats the gym is close by and I didn´t need to cross all this G20 madness seemingly going on everywhere else in the city…useless bullshit get-together…

07.07.2017 – Day X+316
Thank god I live quite a bit outside of the centre and my hoop lessons also take place a bit off – otherwise, I would have not risked to get my ass up and attend. The things that were going on thanks to all those aggressive bastards that claim to be G20 protestors (let´s face it – the only cause they go onto the street for is destruction, and nothing else ). Anyways, the hoop/hammock lesson was good, even though the fact that you were permanently hearing sirens from police cars kinda annoyed me. Especially since I had quite some helicopters flying over my house literally all day long. And reading all those live tickers and watching those streams kinda made me angry and sad at the same time, ontop of being stressed out.  Not even puppy videos did change much about that feeling before going to bed…


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