Day X+317-320 – Work. Out.

08.07.2017 – Day X+317
After two days of workout, it´s been a day to rest and I made the mistake to fully inform myself about all the madness that´s going on in Hamburg and that all day long… in the end I needed videos of puppies and kittens because it dragged down so much…

09.07.2017 – Day X+318
Gym time again – I mean, I cannot do anything else anyways as the chaos in Hamburg just slowly fades out, and somehow…I have to get back on track with my running, and this damned interval training is annoying the hell out of me – but it has to be done as I need to be able to run without pain during the Tough Mudder Half next week…but it´s gonna work, somehow. I m working on it and on my general fitness, and it is frustrating to see how bad my general fitness has become even though I was doing hoop all the time…

10.07.2017 – Day X+319
Muscles aching from hell, but that´s not keeping me from anything. First my physiotherapist tortured me, and then I tortured myself at gym again because it was either today or tomorrow, and I thought to go for it now that I have at least some willpower left…so it was workout again, but this time more or less only cardio training because my legs hurt from the strength training on Sunday…

11.07.2017 – Day X+320
Restday for my body when it comes to sports, and it´s been a good decision because my leg is still not fully back even though I give my best with the interval training…but listening to the body is essential, and that´s what I did. And instead had a nice relaxed evening with my boyfriend…after the meeting-free weekend thanks to G20, it was about time…


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