The “x+” series will come to an end….

…and that is going to happen on August 15th.

Why? Well, it´s simple – today I received my contract for a new job as junior project manager in a digital agency. When I received the call at the start of the week, I couldn´t really believe it, and somehow it´s still unbelievable for me.

I´ve spent so many days unemployed, with aways bing rejected, that I still wait to be waking up from this dream or something to go terribly wrong so that I will still be standing there and in need of the job agency to pay me an amount of money that´s too little to live from and too much to die from 😉

Joking aside, I am happy and excited even though I might not yet seem like it – simply because there is so many fears that things could go wrong and then hopes would have been a wasted thing once again.

But still it gives me a feeling of security for the future, my anxities are become less and less – and I finally can find some peace and hopefully a successful future 😀


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