Day X+326-330 – Eating!

17.07.2017 – Day X+326
My muscles are still crying. Loudly, visible.  Wanted to go to gym but…well, I postponed it – simply because the aching muscles over my rib cage still hurt so badly, that even breathing hurts. not mentioning my eternal struggle to get out of bed, bend down or anything…awful. And I already signed up for next year – but for the full distance!

18.07.2017 – Day X+327
I could be eating all day long, still. But it´s getting better, yet my aching muscles still feel terrible somehow. It starts to be annoying – how out of order is my body actually? I wanna go to gym and work out and…ah well, some more rest and getting fat…

19.07.2017 – Day X+328
Had two job interviews to master today, both went rather well I guess, but you never know what happens. It´s been a sunny day, time to chill at the harbour and have lunch there, tanning – well no not really, because my sunburn really would have not appreciated this. But to be honest I was happy once I was home and able to really relax…Well no, not fully relaxxing – after a stressful day you gotta get moving, and so I went for a run.  In slow speed hahaha

20.07.2017 – Day X+329
A day with cleaning up, washing dishes, doing laundry, going to gym and then also baking a little birthday cake for my boyfriend…with loads of chooclate and glittery unicorns as sugar decoration – full killer and overload of sweetness in both senses 😉
It´s been a busy but good day, and dropped into bed and immediately fell asleep, for a change!

21.07.2017 – Day X+330
Time with my bofriend again and this time it´s been to celebrate his birthday, so we met early, hade some gaming, laughing and areally loooong walk before we in the evening then went our fave Greek restaurant and  had a massive dinner. So yummie!


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