Day X+331-335 – It´s not always dark

22.07.2017 – Day X+331
Just came home and …well, figured out that Apocalyptica are playing at Deichbrand fetsival tomorrow and immediately my head started spinning and everything – asking around, planning, checking rental cars and and and…it´s been stressful, emotional, full of ups and downs but…i think I am going to Deichbrand tomorrow o.O

23.07.2017 – Day X+332
Deichbrand festival – a long day, and one with every possible weather and pure madness. But as you might´ve read already, it´s been a great day and sooo worth everything!

24.07.2017 – Day X+333
I´ve been watching the stream from yesterday, and it was funny to spot me here and there, so yes, I got my seconds of fame – unfortunately but no surprise if I was standing frontrow and have been headbanging. But at least my neck wasn´t doing that bad as it usually was. But nevertheless I was rather tired, and all I did was rest and blog…

25.07.2017 – Day X+334
After resting, it´s been time for going to work out again – I wasn´t exactly motivated but I kept going anyways, and I felt better afterwards even though Deichbrand somehow made me still lack proper energy. Buuut: the most important thing is, that I got a job offer. I can work again. Middle of August. I cannot wait! In the evening it´s time for an evening with my boyfriend…. 😀

26.07.2017 – Day X+335
Spent the day with my boyfriend in Lübeck – sunshine, warm weather, loads of walking and diving a bit into how he lived back during this studies. It´s always great to get out of town and to do this with my boyfriend, and even better when you learn something about your partner…but afterwards I was dead tired, really.