Day X+336-340 – Me vs health

27.07.2017 – Day X+336
I woke up with…what felt like zillions of moquito bites. It´s just been 9 bites, swollen and itchy, and getting into my sports tights was awful to put it nicely. But before I went to gym to sweat my ass off, I left church to save money from my tax stuff…I´ve never been religious or believed in what church sells the people, so…no loss there. And now I finally got my ass up to take care of it xD

28.07.2017 – Day X+337
Monday, laundry and house chores day. And issues with some other tenants of this building, but it makes me so angry to even think about it that I don´t wanna write about it. Instead I want to meantion it´s been a nice evening with my boyfriend, relaxed, cozy…

29.07.2017 – Day X+338
Spent the day with my boyfriend´s family, and somehow really didn´t feel well. My circulation was somehow off, I was permanently freezing and then caught a cold due to the always open windows, doors and thus moving air…not so great, But the food was again so amazing, even though it´s needless to say I really need t go and workout tomorrow, no matter what. I feel guilty so badly.

30.07.2017 – Day X+339
I felt like a ball full of creme (like the one of cooking) and really had to go to gym even though the weather with its 27°C and humidity really was a killer – but I kept going and did my share of workout no matter what the weather was. But afterwards I felt stomach sick and dizzy and everything, maybe I should´ve done less…

31.07.2017 – Day X+340
Due to the fact of me being busy during the coming weekend, I went to my boyfriend´s place today in the evening but before had loads of “fun” with my house chores, then checked ikea for a new computer desk 8and had some ice cream, yes, I am a sinner) and then enjoyed a long walk in the sun and through nature…was so amazing. I just enjoy silence and sunshine and nature – perfect combination!