Cooking: Salmon in pancetta with mashed sweet potatoes and beans

Cooking book: Lust auf Kochen: Kreative Rezepte für jeden Tag
Publisher: Kochhaus

Estimated time:  30min
Actual time:  40min

Difficulty: 2/10
Amount: For 1 person (initially two but easy to split up)
Price per person: ~3-4€

I really love anything that goes into the direction of crispy bacon when put into a hot pan, and same for salmon. And this combination really caught my eyes in the cooking book but initially had turned me off because pumpkin had been playing a role in it. Now I simply dismissed it, and in order to make it nice, I changed it to sweet potatoes – and now pumpkin and no mango, it´s sweet enough like it is 😉

So it was really not tough to prepare, you really need enough space to get everything going at the same time. And keep things warm, in case there is some waiting time, as it had been the case with me, as I prepared the salmon too late. So wrapping the salmon in the pancetta was a first struggle as the pancetta was falling into pieces when just looking at it, and the second one: how the hell to wrap it around the salmon? But I managed. And then it partially fell apart when putting it into the pan….but as you can see, you can still hide it somehow so that it works and looks well.

Overall – a foodgasm combination, the salmon and the pancetta…though it has tons of calories, it´s something I will clearly do more often fro now on!