Half marathon 2018 – why?

Since I announced that I plan on participating in a half marathon in the summer of 2018, many were shaking their head, and many asked me the stunned question “why on earth do YOU want to run a half marathon?”.

Well, the question is understandable. Me and running. 2 years ago it would have never come to my mind that I would more than 4km for a charity run and even do that in my free time. Out of my free will – and with a smile on my sweated face.

When I started Weight Watchers and my weightloss journey, I noticed how it became incresingly easy to be part of those charity runs, that it was not that terribly bad and embarassing anymore. And that kind of brought back the fun, or the first spark. And then I decided, I needed some workout besides hoop practice but didn´t want to spend any additional money – and ended up buying running shoes and started running.

And to be fai – I hated it at the start, I found it totally boring and uninspiring and without music nothing was even possible. I´ve always been someone who listened to music whilst working out in anyways, but even that…no, it took me a qhile to really get into it. I had this bet going that if I managed a certain amount of kilometres, I´d get my shoes financed – so that was a good motivation for the start, to actually get going and not let it be. And that was the moment where I actually started enjoying it – that moment when I managed o turn off the mind, when my thoughts went all blank, when I was just running. When the world around me was – it was there but it didn´t matter, just as everything else was not of any importance when I was running.

And now this year I got into it even more, I had a goal – the Tough Mudder, the Muddy Angel run, and then the Mud Masters run…all motivated me, all showed me how much joy running can be especially when you see so much progress.  I started when I was dying at 4km, and the Mud Masters was 12km. And it´s improving and improving and I just wanna keep going.

I now started even to go running without music, I feel like I don´t need it anymore – because my mind turns off without music and I feel like it´s the best way after a stressful run.

Anyways, why a half marathon? Well, I wanna run the full Tough Mudder next year anyways, and that´s around 18km with obstacles – and a half marathon is just a few kilometres more, minus the obstacles. And with a time limit of 3 hours. And with time pressure.

So basically..it´s all about challenging myself for me, I don´t do it to show off and impress others, I do it for myself, I wanna see how far I can get, how much I manage and what my body can show. It´s a thing all about myself. About my body, and especially about my mind – willpower, mental strength. I don´t only train my body, I also train my mind. So bascally I train for myelf because I want to, and the run itself will hopefully just the cherry on top a nice cake 😉