Half Marathon – Training Week 1 (09.10.207 – 15.10.2017)


Warm up 15min (HF zone 1-2)
Running 45min (HF zone 3)
Cool down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

I thought this was going to be easy because I was used to going for runs – well, let´s face it: with an eye on the heartrate, it´s been an odd and exhausting mix of walking quickly and running slowly and feeling like the most retarded person ever.
To be honest, fun feels different, but I kept going and was really done afterwards – not sure why though. Either I am totally out of shape or those roughly 6,5km were more exhausting than usual because of this extra focus I had to put in place.


Warm up 16min (HP zone 1-3)
Task 1 – 6 min (HP zone 4-5)
Task 2 – 2 min (HP zone 3)
Task 3 – 6 min (HP zone 4-5)
Task 4 – 2 min (HP zone 3)
Cool down 5min (HP zone 1-2)

To be honest, I was surprised when I figured the programme was on my watch and that I only needed to start it to properly check my status hahaha I really have no idea about all the functions yet, but that really made it easier to run and not watch my wrist as the sounds clearly told me what was happening 😉

In general: shit that was exhausting. Really exhausting. Especially since I always needed ages to have my heartfrequency calm down and thus fit into the workout brackets…but the high frequency parts of the run felt good and I was surprised how much it partially needed to not drop back into a lower bracket…

Oh and in the dark and fell over some branch…piece of shit…

Anyways, I felt good but totally done after it, nicely sweated and ready to fall into bed. I suppose that´s something positive, or?


Warm up 10min (HF zone 1-2)
Task 1 – 70min (HF zone 2)
Task 2 – 15min (HF zone 3)
Cool down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

To be honest, it felt more like quick walking most of the time, interrupted by short distances of running because the heart frequency brackets were just not made for me to really start and keep running for longer distances.
But the overall distance is what made it pretty exhausting, even though the weather was nearly inviting me to keep on going – what more do you need than sunshine, 20°C and just a nice little bit of comfy wind…

Now my feet hurt, and I am done. That´s what my legs say as well – they cannot wait for a warm bath and then later on some cooling stuff…let´s see 😉