Versengold – Große Freiheit – Hamburg – 20.10.2017

I cannot believe that it´s only been last Friday that I´ve seen Versengold live in Hamburg. But the timing of this show has been great as I really needed the concert – due to personal reasons I had taken two days off so I was able to start queuing rather early though I really didn´t feel like it. I´ve turned into a person who rather doesn´t want to queue, but no can do. And the cool thing is that I met new people whilst waiting for the girls from my WhatsApp group who then arrived later on.

Anyways, the waiting and then especially doors open felt weird…I´ve been enjoying the band´s music for years without really bothering about front row – I mean sure, if it was possible I had taken it at the medieval markets, but not at a club show…and it felt wrong because I am far from being crazy about the musicians, I love their music and that´s what counts most for me. But being small and needing to stand for quite a while, front row is the coziest sport I thought and hurried to the barricades in front of stage.  Didn´t end up quite where I wanted but loved the spot nevertheless. The people around me were also really cool, and the excitement grew – finally. I really didn´t feel like getting into the right mood for all the days in advance of the show, but then I felt this happiness lurking around the corner and slowly coming over me xD

But before Versengold were on stage, it was time for their supportband dArtagnan and well…I wasn´t and still am not too fond of them though it´s quite some eye candy. But I rather have semi-great looking guys but amazing music instead of the other way around. One or two of their songs I enjoyed, especially when Versengold´s violinist joined them for one song. Anyways, to make it short: I wasn´t too sad when their slot had ended. Maybe I am just too harsh because I am generally not too much into support bands when attending a concert.

And then…well, though it´s now some days ago, I am still lacking words. It felt like the curtain dropped and all worries and sorrow vanished from my mind. It was just the start into a hot and blood sweaty evening of 2h of dancing, clapping, jumping and nearly passing out…I loved the setlist and miracles do happen – their song “Herz durch die Wand” off their latest record had been one of those songs I didn´t really get – until the show. Until this moment where it just struck me. It struck me because I noticed how much this song describes my life, the madness I am doing and cannot stop, the fact I cannot stop, that I am closing my eyes from maybe getting my ass up and changing things. That there is so many things that keep me chained.

I´ve been happy to see all those songs live, the new ones, the old ones, the very few ballads, the many songs to sing and shout along, the songs to dance to, all the songs with nyckelharpa (I love the sound, I love this instrument…and who knows what 2018 will bring me in regards of this instrument…), all the sweat pouring down the bod as if you were taking a shower, the refreshing sip of a shared water bottle keeping us from passing out in the crowd, all the laughs, all the emotions, this feeling of…freedom. I think I haven´t felt like this for so long, at least it felt like it. It was as if I was breaking the chains that kept me bound.

And don´t get me wrong, please – it´s not like Apocalyptica were just pushed off the throne of being my fave band – I just now have a second band that is extremely close to my heart, but in a totally different way. It´s give me a totally different feeling compared to what I know from other shows, and I still struggle to really find the words for it. And I cannot wait for the more calm and seated shows in spring where they will be most likely playing “Tjark Evers” which is actually just a cover from another band, but they made it special by adding an authentic northern german accent – it wouldn´t match with the current set up, so I didn´t expect to hear it but such aspects make me excited for the next time 😉

How I know, well…I will be honest. I had actually the plan to go to the shows, rock out, go to the bar downstairs with the girls and that´s it. But somehow…I ended up taking pictures with the guys though it partially somehow felt odd…here and there a chat, depending on if there was enough subjects to cover 😉 I enjoy it when bands don´t feel too great to come out pretty much right after the shows and take their time to hang out with the fans rather than just quickly try to get through it all with signing and taking photos. Such things still impress me, and I appreciate such things greatly asa I know it´s becoming less and less common for bands unfortunately.

OOoh and – there was such glowing sticks. Many. Like, 1600 – as substitutes as you arent allowed to use eg sparklers…and I so so soooo LOVED that idea…because I love glowsticks hahahaha

Sooo anyways…I ended up buying another ticket to this Funkenflug tour for Wilhelmshaven in spring, and then look forward two two shows in Bremen and Leipzig for the seated shows aaaand the two 15 years shows in next year´s October…and before you ask: yes, I am hooked. Music is my drug, you all know that, don´t you ^^