Half Marathon – Training Week 2 (16.10.207 – 22.10.2017)


Warm up 10min (HF zone 1-2)
Running 45min (HF zone 3)
Cool down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

Somehow…it´s been a run to forget, it was an on and off, it was a waiting for the railway tracks to be opened for crossing again, waiting for the traffic lights turn green…it was about freezing and sweating, opening the jacket, closing it again…and being totally slow as my heart freuency thought it would be fun to be playing ping pong…I really hope I will get faster and not even slower…


Warm up 16min (HP zone 1-3)
Task 1 – 6 min (HP zone 4-5)
Task 2 – 2 min (HP zone 3)
Task 3 – 6 min (HP zone 4-5)
Task 4 – 2 min (HP zone 3)
Task 5 – 6 min (HP zone 4-5)
Task 6 – 2 min (HP zone 3)
Cool down 5min (HP zone 1-2)

I really struggled to get my ass up and get going because my dentist´s visit in the morning had worn me out mentally and physically and the pain in my cheek felt like killing me. But I am no pussy, so I kicked my ass and went running and whilst all the stress made it hard for me to stick to the lower heart rate zones, the high and fast parts went really smooth and I felt how all the stress was falling off my shoulders…and after the run I felt SO good – not only because I added 300m to the distance compared to last week!


Warm up 10min (HF zone 1-2)
Task 1 – 70min (HF zone 2)
Task 2 – 20min (HF zone 3)
Cool down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

After having been to a soccer match and being cold and tired, I still laced my shoes and despite the – at the start – drizzling rain, rocked down the kilometres even though it was mostly really fast walking as it felt – on and off, starting to job, stopping and and and…but it felt actually pretty good to be fully honest to go out there and turn off the mind and only focus on myself, my breathing and how I was feeling…never guessed I would somewhen really fancy this…