1st month training for the half marathon

Bringing some light into the dark 😉

– alternatively you can all this blog entry “things that these first 4 weeks have taught me”. Simply because I learned a lot. Sometimes the hard way, sometimes the learning was not that bad, but let´s have a look!

Ditch the training plan for the sake of regeneration
Why? Because it makes no sense otherwise. I tried to desperately stick to the training plan no matter what, but my body has a different sense of when it needs more regeneration and when less. It´s a nice guide, but in the end the body decides.

The body decides – so listen to it
…and I have never been good at it. But I learnt that there is a fine line between muscles being done after a workout, and muscles needing some extra pampering. And yes, I´ve taken care of my body more than I have ever done in my whole life I guess. And that feels like an additional fulltime job. And it feels like understanding Chinese language – Google has become my best friend.

Never change a running system, ehrm, route? Nope!
I was surprised how quick I have pretty much gotten fed up with my favorite routes that used to enjoy so much – now I try to run differently every time, which doesn´t always work, but at least the long runs I try to vary a lot.

Too cold? Too warm? Too wet?
Too wet – yep, clearly. If it is pouring rain, there is no freaking way to get me out of my apartment for running. And I don´t try to get me out anymore. But I also have a problem with dressing properly – freezing, sweating like an idiot, that in change, all of a sudden it is warmer outside than expected…I need to take care of this more often, I underestimated the effects of it…

Too dark?
Doesn´t exist – there is lights you can carry on your body, reflection bands to be seen and everything. Annoying to wear and except for my beani with a lamp I hate wearing it because I look retarded. So yes, at times I am a girl…and wonderingif I am looking good after all.

Other sports…noooo. yes?
During this month I hardly did any side exercising because I was just mostly tired when not running – I need to change this. Once a week, it has to be gym time, I need to do more with my blackroll and everything. I kinda underestimated how important it will be…

These are pretty much my biggest learnings until now – and I still have around 8 months of learning ahead, so let´s see how the list will grow and things will change 😉


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