Life changes, so does this blog

It´s been easily visible for you, that this blog has moved away from every day rantings, from every day descriptions what I did and did not do and moved to sports, my training for the half marathon, my mud runs, food and everything around this.

It´s not like I have changed. Wait, wait a second. Yes, I have changed. A lot. I have changed a lot during the past half a year, and it´s needless to say that my first mud runs have changed my mind when it comes to running.

Something happened what I have never believed – I started to like running. There was something about it and I saw how much I was able to improve, and it somewhat got me addicted. It got me hooked and gave me hope. Hope that I might not be too crazy when signing up for a half marathon and it makes me get up my ass.

With all of this, I started to focus more on my eating, my health, supplements and all of this…this surely is not targeting everyone of you, who was used to my daily life, a lot of photos from walks, and everything. And I will surely post a lot about the above mentioned topics, but also about daily ramblings, critics about whatever crosses my path and of course about my other love: music and concerts.

But what I wonder:

What would you like to read about? Any suggestions, wishes, ideas? If so – leave a comment 🙂


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