Half Marathon – Training Week 6 (13.11.207 – 19.11.2017)


Warm-Up 10min (HF zone 1-2)
Task 45min (HF zone 3)
Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

6.66km – what a nice evil distance it was, totally not intended but funny at last. My lung was struggling a bit with the cold air, with my scarf in front of my face it became better though. And then it was a mind-clearing run, I felt free and happy afterwrds. Totally worth the time!


Warm-Up 16min (HF zone 1-3)
Task 1: 6min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 2: 2min (HF zone 3)
Task 3: 6min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 4: 2min (HF zone 3)
Task5: 6min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 6: 2min (HF zone 3)

Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

Cold. Dark. Foggy. And when you breathe out, it becomes even foggier in front of your face. And when you actually only want to go back to bed, the run couldn´t be any worse. You would think. But it was actually a really good run, more with a focus on really being handling the heart frequency well rather than going to the limits just to be fast and faster…


Warm-Up 10min (HF zone 1-2)
Task 1:10h (HF zone 2)
Task 2: 20min (HF zone 3)

Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

I used the little bit of sunshine outside and started my run, and it remained sunny – luckily. BUt the run itself wasn´t all good though the landscape was, I felt like my heart rate was up more than it usually was and had no idea why. Maybe because I am fighting a acold, could be but…who knows. I just hope my heart rate is gonna be lower the next time.