Half Marathon – Training Week 7 (20.11.207 – 26.11.2017)

The fourth run I couldn´t do anymore, so I am stuck with three runs again which really starts to be annoying.


Warm-Up 10min (HF zone 1-2)
Task 35min (HF zone 3)
Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

I was really motivated though my legs felt tired still from the long run on Sunday – and that really did reflect on my hilariously slow speed. I feel like I haven´t been that slow for ages, even though it was a mind-freeing run in the damned dark once again.
But at least I had the feeling that my heart rate becomes more predictable and goes down quicker than before…at least something positive 😀



Warm-Up 14min (HF zone 1-3)
Task 1: 5min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 2: 2min (HF zone 3)
Task 3: 5min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 4: 2min (HF zone 3)
Task5: 6min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 6: 2min (HF zone 3)

Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

My left leg somehow…it wasn´t too convinced that a high-tempo run would be a great thing to do, but I pulled through of course, because it really felt good after that one line was crossed.
And wearing my new jacket from Asics, I really felt so well and not like something was in the way as it usually had felt when doing these kinds of runs. My running index though said something different…


Warm-Up 10min (HF zone 1-2)
Task 30min (HF zone 3)
Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

The first 20min were hell, and afterwards it really went smooth – except for the very last meters where I was lost in thoughts and then tripped into a damned hole on the floor that I didn´t see due to the dark…and since then my ankle and leg hurt like hell – putting weight on is pretty much impossible.
But at least that happened at the very last metres of the run, because though I struggled, distance and heart rate were quite well I would say!