Sewing: Boxer Shorts

Size: XL
Fabrics: Cotton in Christmas style from HERE
Pattern: Boxer Shorts // Dots Design
Instructions: Written and with pictures & with video
Time needed: ~4.0 hours

Actually, it´s less complex than some of the dresses that I have been sewing, but still it really did kill my nerves. The fabrics was not really too cooperating with me at times and the challenges clearly were the holes for the buttons as I had never done those before and was afraid to kill it all…and it nearly happened, but just nearly.

Happy it worked out. And then I noticed: damn, I don´t even have any damned buttons – so needed to buy some, the first ones were too small and those are still a tad small but just fit right.

Also the upper part of the shorts needed some creativity as I didn´t want to do it as written in the ebook, because…too much fabrics around there then, so I had to make a nice upper ending of the fabrics – not totally fond of how it turned out but it looks nevertheless I think.

And I am really glad, that this fabrics that I bought more than a year ago, now finally has changed into a nice piece of clothing 😀


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