Half Marathon – Training Week 8 (27.11.207 – 03.12.2017)

Week 8- and I only did one short 40 minutes run after which I had to face the fact, that it´s time for a break.

Why? Well, several reasons.

The pain in my legs when running is one of those reasons – every step my lower legs hurts, and so did my ankle. Another reason is, that walking up stairs or down the stairs lately feels like climbing a high mountain. Every step feels like it´s a major struggöe and every step feels like it´s a major achievement. Simply because I can do this step.

My legs are tired and I think my whole body is tired – that´s what I decided not to go for a run until at least coming Monday. And since my body seemingly really begs for a break, I also decided to not go to gym most likely. Maybe on Monday, but not before.

Only stretching and some flexibility work, besides: relaxing. And regaining power and strength and hopefully also more positive vibes. Because right now I am angry at my body and generally upset….