Review: Hotel Carlton – Dortmund

So let´s start with the mess I made before even arriving there – I booked it on and then things happened and the booking was cancelled – and the shit is: you cannot just make it undone on the webpage, and the room also didn´t show up on the page anymore. But after two calls, it was all sorted out again and I was SO relieved…

So then I was at Dortmund mainstation, and started my walk to the hotel – a really quick and short walk, totally a plus if you aren´t in need of a sceneric view for many day. It´s been really in the center, close to Christmas markets, zillions of Döner stores and such…

Well, the entrance is in between a hairdresser and an odd fashion-shoe shop, so well to

be honest, I ran past it and then wondered how oddly un-inviting the entrance is from the outside. It´s not really easy to find.

A nice welcome, and after some problems also the cancelled or not cancelled discussion was done and I got my key to the room – all really nice, just as it should be. A chat here and there also when checking out made it really sympathetic. Clearly plus points there!

So I went up to the 4th floor (downside: if you travel with big luggage, you will be screwed – the elevator only goes up to 3rd floor) and found my room pretty quickly.

A small but nice room, equipped with med, wardrobe and a sink – all you need. The bathrooms were shared, but really nice – they were real bathrooms, so room with a shower, sink and toilet all in one and lockable. And really clean, I really would have not been worrying about it beforehand. All nice and clean and just good.

Two things nevertheless were not so amazing – I felt the “insides” of the bed whilst sleeping, which was not too nice and the walls seemed to be really thin and/or transferring noises really well. So when someone else closed the door, you heard it, the snoring from people you were able to hear when in the hall way and such…really annoying.

Also, if you mixed it together with the noise coming from outside as there was bars around, you needed earplugs to be able to sleep.

But since I had ear plugs with me anyways, I fell asleep anyways and had a rather good night.

Next morning, means breakfast time. A small but cozy and nicely decorated breakfast room, and a small choice of nice foods. All you need was there, it was good and there was nothing to complain about.

So overall – if I again need a hotel room close to the station for just a single night, I will clearly considering a return!