2nd month in – half marathon training

Second month of training is done – whilst tiny improvements are visible, the learnings are still numerous and feel bigger than anything else – especially since my body is still in the phase of adapting and getting used to all the training…

Don´t feel it – end it
Sometimes, you start your run and you run and your body just….it doesn´t really like it. You don´t feel it. I learnt: forcing it doesn´t always help, neither body nor mood.

More focus – more exhaustion
When I started this training, I had been used to run – and run, and not worry about heart rate or anything, and I was dead afterwards body wise because of mostly a too high heart frequency. Now, my distances are still shorter than before, but I am exhausted just as much. And I was irritated. how can that be? Well, now I run with my brain turned on, I focus more on how I run and need to adjust. And that IS exhausting.

<5°C – running in winter? How?
Let´s face it – I have never been running in temperatures in late autumn and winter, and temperatures under +5°C is something I never imagined doing before. Running with gloves, a scarf and facing how tough it is to breathe through there – that´s what I really had to face. I am someone who is easily freezing, and people laugh at me about looking like an all wrapped up ninja when running.

No comparing
…to when I was running without the heartrate check…you cannot compare unhealthy running to now healthy running. I don´t feel like passing out after running anymore, I don´t feel that massive exhaustion I felt before – simply because it´s more controlled and in healthy areas.

Don´t forget the other sports
I really noticed one thing – I wasn´t able to really make it to the gym. And I neglected all the workouts that I have done before. And I learnt: I need to get back to gym. Urgently!

Mud is extra stress on the legs
I love mud. I love running in mud. I have the matching shoes for it and I don´t care if my equipment gets wet and dirty. But my legs really seem to be put unter much more stress and exhaustion  than usual. Especially my ankles seem to not really be into mud in this second month…