Sewing / Improving: Finisher Shirt

Well, this time it´s not really about sewing somehting from scratch, rather changing something that already was there to something better.

When I did the Mud Masters run, I also got another finisher shirt but had ordered it in a too small size – so I also got it in a too small size and it really was right on the arms and shoulders. I really couldn´t have worn it like this, hardly able to move in it.

So I decided to cut off the arms and make it a sleeveless sports shirt, and it was a good decision – more space for moving.
And as I didn´t want to lose the one MudMasters logo that had been on one of the sleeves, I simply added it to the lower part of the shirt.

All in all it took me maybe half an hour – not more, not less…and it was worth it 🙂