Christmas market & Winter medieval market in Dortmund (02/03.12.2017)

So, a bit more than a week ago I packed up and finally got out of Hamburg again for a weekend. Fresh air, different city, new thoughts…always feels good, though Christmas everywhere is not really anything I am too fond of. I am simply a christmas grinch, and getting into the mood for Christmas is becoming increasingly tough.

Anyways, the trainride to Dortmund was pretty relaxed, seat reserved, train full Hotel was, as you were able to read already, pretty much okay and I started walking around a bit and later that afternoon I decided on starting the weekend in Dortmund by going to the normal big Christmas market. Drinking a bit of mullded wine, and some chocolate fruits and looking through the stands and desperately trying to a) get into Christmas mood and b) not buy anything … the mulled wine and fruits were expensive enough, that killed really the last spark of Christmas mood.

So instead of spending a lot of time there, I went back to the

hotel and listened to the stream of the soccer match, and pretty much spent the whole evening reading – finally I had the time for it, because there wasn´t much I could have done besides that.

The night was somehow too short and I didn´t sleep well, but as breakfast at the hotel wasn´t made for sleeping in, I had to get up anyways and afterwards pack up.

And because I had several hours in between being kicked out of the hotel room and the medieval market starting, I walked there by foot and then walked around some more (in a disgusting weather) and ended up searching for dry and warm shelter in the Burger King close by…totally amazing. not. My mood was low, and somehow it didn´t get much better for the rest of the day.

At least I got a nice hot mead when entering the medieval market…yes, that was the first thing to do before watching my friend´s band play. And that´s pretty much how the afternoon went, the shows and then walking around and enjoying the amazing view onto all the fires and lights that were set up all around the market…so beautiful once it got dark – and that´s probably been the first time I was happy about it being dark pretty early.

At some point I left, earlier than I really had to but that saved my ass – simply because the train I was supposed to be taking had 98minutes of delay and being there early at the trainstation, I was at least able to take an earlier train as that one was also late. And then I had to pray there was some seats free and yes…I had a great ride back to hamburg, chatting and laughing with the people around me – guess that had been the nicest trainride I ever had. Just getting home after having arrived in Hamburg was a challenge again, and I was really happy when I was home, had taken a shower and curled up in my warm bed.