I need Nothing More

(Attention: headline is a play with words – because this show has been what I needed and I need nothing more. At the same time, the band is called “Nothing More” ^^)

I´ve never been particularily gifted to review the shows of a band that I enjoy so much. And then I went to the show of American band Nothing More, and worked as press again.

And also I had the pleasure of sitting down together with singer Jonny, and probably had one of the most honest and pleasing interviews that I have done during the past 13 years. It´s been a great time, it felt all natural and I hardly needed my questions tht I had prepared – actually I ended up only using three of those questions because it just flowed and the talk just chose its own direction. And I felt really comfortable with it. And now whilst wriitng about it, I still have many of the answers flying around in my head – and that really does happen very rarely.

The time between interview and show was less comfortable, as I was strolling around Reeperbhn in the cold and then went to have some food at Kentucky Fried Chicken just for the sake of being able to sit in the warmth…but then just crawled back into the cold and to the venue…and then met great new people, waiting was funny, even though my feet clearly froze off – I felt the cold crawling up my body already. And my mood drop. The high-feeling that I had thanks to nervousity and the good feeling from the interview were fading, and I was starting to really feel exhausted.

And once inside the venue, it felt like it wasn´t much

warmer than outside- what a fail. I had hoped for a warm venue. How quickly it would warm up I hadn´t seen coming.

The support band “Psycho Village” were relly nice and had a fun time on stage – only downside was that the sound in the first row was terrible. I heard drums and the bass, and if their singer was not standing directly in front of me, I´d have neitehr heard his guitar, nor his vocals. No idea what went wrong there. It was just really sad.

Oh and talking about the stage – it only went up to my knees, no barrier, nothing. Was pretty relaxed during “Psycho Village” but that was to change during “Nothing More”. Drastically.

Anyways, the show started nicely, even though from a photographer´s perspective, it was awful – the light ot not light…nope, it was no pleasure. But I decided that it was a side-job and my main job had been to have fun and rock out. And that´s also what I did.

Then after a change over finally “Nothing More” were on stage – the start of an intimate show, all up in my face…right there. And that´s also what made the show so special. Everything was so close, right there. And that made some songs even more emotional than they would have been already normally. All the energy, all the power, all the interaction… okay, I could´ve happily missed out on some interaction between singer Jonny´s elbow and my head or the bassist´s pick that flew right into my open eye or all the madness of poeple pushing and my knees being crushed against the stage…

But it was all worth it. Every second. Every second counted. and I think the most important song was “Jenny”. It´s a song that always feels like therapy to me, rips me out of depression after singing along with tears running down my face…it´s THE song for me. But every goddamned song that evening was what I needed to break out of reality for once…though I could´ve done without all the pain and bruises…But at least I got a guitar pick and a setlist aswell…my camera survived and had the time of my life…

A pity I was not feeling well enough to go and wai for the guys afterwards, I really regret that. But there will be a next time…

…and somehow it´s tough for me to write this. I don´t know why. I am somehow so calm since the show but also emotional…