Car2Go – a first Smart ride

I never thought that at some time I will be in need of doing these kinds of short term car rentals…but if you gotta transport something that you cannot even carry a 100m, then it´s useful. And as my company made it possible to save on the start up fee, I simply signed up.

An the noticed how shitty the service area is – my home isn´t even in the area where you can pick up and drop off the cars then. The closest where I can do so is nearly a kilometer away from me. At least just one kilometer and not even more. But that really made me hesitate using it. Until I had to transport two heavy computer screens and searched for a car to take.

First hurdle: find one that is not occupied, and then battle with the really crappy location-information…never trust on the info on which side of the street the car is. So I found that car and then … automatic car. How I hate those. And I hadn´t been in one for ages – what a struggle to get going. And talking about struggles – the built-in GPS is the most terrible one I have ever seen unfortunately, ended up getting lost and at some point started using my phone and google maps to bring me home.

And then again, sitting in the car, being stuck in the heavy traffic…and knew again why owning a car here in Hamburg would be useful, even though a Smart, like the one I was sitting in, would be still quite handy. And to my surprise, sitting in this Smart felt really good – it was comfy, nice to drive and even on the highway it didn´t feel like I was sitting in such a tiny little car. I never liked Smarts, but I really changed my opinion. If I ever give owning a car in the city a try, a Smart will surely be in the closer round when making a final decision 😉

So…overall…I don´t know what to think about Car2Go.

Good idea, yes. But depending on where you start it is near to impossible to grab a car, and depending on where you end you are screwed because you need to still walk when you cannot drop it off close to where your home is. Being stuck in heavy traffic makes you pay shittons of money for not getting anywhere (because you pay per minute)…

For really small distances like transporting boxes of drinks or so I might try it again, but otherwise I don´t think I will do it again…