Half Marathon – Training Week 9 (04.12.207 – 10.12.2017)


Warm-Up 10min (HF zone 1-2)
Task 40min (HF zone 3)
Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

So it was the first run after my break –  – and to be totally honest, I am not really fully certain, if it changed anything. My legs felt okay, but I had this odd pain in my hip to reappear and then it was gone again and back again and it really was weird.
I more and more have the feeling that my mind is the most struggling thing right at the moment – something is blocking me and I am not sure what is going wrong there..


Warm-Up 16min (HF zone 1-3)
Task 1: 6min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 2: 2min (HF zone 3)
Task 3: 6min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 4: 2min (HF zone 3)
Task 5: 6min (HF zone 4-5)
Task 6: 2min (HF zone 3)

Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

Running in the rain…clearly not my fave and usually a pain in the neck – but I managed to hit the runners´ high again, it kicked in all of a sudden and made me happy.
I love this one second that turns from torture to extreme happiness…makes the running worth it all! And I felt a bit better about my running, though I am upset about not seeing any real progress.

Warm-Up 10min (HF zone 1-2)
Task 1: 1:10h (HF zone 2)
Task 2: 15min (HF zone 3)
Cool-down 5min (HF zone 1-2)

Long run time! And that during unstable weather…it was a waiting game to see when to start the run and then I had the sunshine maybe for 15 minutes – and besides this there was hail, snow rain, heavy rain and hail again.
But no matter what, it was fun – probably because I also didn´t fully stick to the heart rate (added 5% on the actual limit) and thus was able to run my speed and not end up walking again every few seconds!