3rd month in – half marathon training

Looking back doesn´t hurt!
…because then you see how far you´ve come already. Especially helpful in times where things feel like they´re not going the way they should. I always need to remember: in summer 2016 I was dead exhausted after 4km, Now I am running many times more and feel still better…

Progress is not always in numbers
…sometimes it is only the change of feeling after a long run or during a long run or something like this. And not being able to run a kilometer more or run faster or or or…there´s many ways how progress shows. But learning that needs patience…

…for the legs after the run. And I mean with water. Never thought it would make such a difference, but especially after my long runs, it makes my legs feel so much more alive than before!

Not every heart beats the same
Yes it might be that the training programmes you get in books and with the watch are made to fit – but that isn´t necessarily always the case. Sometimes it´s time to think outside of the box and ignore the annoying beeping when you are over the goal heart rate. Why? Simply because bodies are different. And no, I do not mean having a heart rate of 170 instead of 120 is okay. But a bit more than what they say is still okay if it keeps you moving.