A look back onto 2017!


  • Watching In Gowan Ring in a tiny club show in Hamburg
    So tiny, so intimate, so honest and pure…maybe one of the most hypnotizing shows I have ever been to – with around like 50 people watching only…time to dream, time to let go, to drift away…


  • Watching a concert at the newly opened Elbphilharmonie
    The concert was great, but the sound itself was not as impressive as I had actually expected it – so basically it´s no “must go to” for me at all, especially when the prices are going up high.
  • Watching Apocalyptica in Hamburg on their 20th anniversary “Plays Metallica by four cellos” tour
    …and what a show, what emotions, especially because my boyfriend at that time joined me and I also had a nice meeting before the show, great musicm great day, it couldn´t have been any better to be honest 😀 [report here]
  • Final exam (written and oral) for my project management certification
    …no words how relieved I was when this course was over, and I had passed the exam after an exam that was terribly stressful for me as my anxiety because of exams has killed me…


  • Seeing Apocalyptica playing in London (I won the tickets and got meet and greet tickets for free) on their 20th anniversary “Plays Metallica by four cellos” tour
    It was one of those trips that were just magic – I wont two tickets to see the guys and took a friend with me, and then also got to join the meet and greet for free…without really having done anything for it. It was just so amazing – despite all the airbnb issues that we faced with a moldy room and then being stuck in some odd restaurant as it was the only thing open… [report here]
  • Weekend trip to Toulouse/France
    Back then with my then.boyfriend, an amazing trip with surprisingly warm weather and great sightseeing…it´s a great place, a great city and the food was also really good and tasty! [report here]
  • Testing lesson: Aerial Hammock
    [report here]
  • Testing lesson: Aerial Silk
    [report here]


  • FC Köln vs Hamburg in the stadium in Hamburg
    It was…cold…but I liked it anyways, because I didn´t have to travel anywhere for once, but anyways – mum, stepdad and me in the stadium is always nice!
  • Seeing Franky Perez with a band play in Frankfurt
    …let´s put it this way: I really was there for just Franky, the rest of the band I didn´t exactly enjoy, but seeing him again was amazing. Also their support was amazing, so it was a cool evening though I felt a tad too youn for this show, looking at the other people in the audience xD


  • Annual general meeting of Lufthansa in Hamburg
    …it was in Hamburg and someone from my family wasn´t able to go so I instead attended – was really interesting to experience something like this.
  • Cooking class
    My then bf and I went to Kochhaus for a cooking class – and what a fun evening, we met great people, laughed a lot and also learned quite a bit and got inspired to cook with recipes for often and actually I am still doing so once a week [report here]


  • Entrance exam for my master degree in Jyväskylä/Finland combined with a little vacation
    It was good to be back in Finland, though at first really stressful and I went out of the exam with a not too positive feeling – but being back “Home” in Jyväskylä was just feeling right, especially during my walks orund my fave lake and then also walking and photographing in Tampere…[report here]
  • Miserable “With Full Force Festival”
    My worst festival experience – spent my last saved money on the trip (had won the tickt), then it all drowned into rain, thunder and lightning and I didn´t even get to see Apocalyptica…[report here]


  • Joining gym
    …because I needed to get out of this lazyness…
  • Doing my first Tough Mudder Half (11km) in Hermannsburg in Northern Germany
    Never thought I´d happily be doing this and it really did bring me to my limits, but together with great people that I met, you can achieve everything, and that´s really one thing I learned – besides noticing that if you fight hard, you can achieve things you never believed you´d ever be doing and getting through! [report here]
  • Deichbrand Festival with Apocalyptica
    I am so grateful that there was this person who gave me the chance to attend, that made it possible – because I really needed this show, I needed to find peace after this all fucked up try at With Full Force – and this festival day made me so incredibly positively calm…[report]


  • New job – at a digital agency in Hamburg, as a junior project manager
    …new job, new life, more money, finally feeling useful again…and needing to adapt to worklife again which at first really was a pain in the neck…
  • Started my Master´s degreee in “Entrepreneurship and business competence” at JAMK University of Applied Sciences
    [report here]
  • Was in Jyväskylä/Finland again for the start of my studies and spent a night at Helsinki airport because of shitty flight times
    Had a good introduction day in Jyväskylä, and a good time there in general – got a car ride back to Helsinki and thus was there far too early and had a long annoying night at Helsinki airport, trying to find any kind of position for sleeping…I hate it that I always try to save money somewhere…
  • Mittelalterlich Spectaculum in Cologne, photographing my friend´s band Faey
    Two days that started rain and then got pretty war – great time there, great fun photographing, great fun with the band, seeing also Versengold, having a few drinks…
  • FC Köln vs Lehe in their tiny stadium in Wilhelmshaven
    We were late, because stuck in traffic though we started so early – but at least still saw some goals for our team, sitting in the “stadium” that didn´t have a proper roof…and it was raining…


  • Muddy Angel mud & obstacle run in Hamburg – 5km
    …a cute little run with fun obstacles and loads of photos to take home with aswell. I met nice people, and I was having really a fun time – just not enough mud, maybe that changed later on during the day, but I was really lacking it ^^ [report here]
  • Mittelalterlich Spectaculum (medieval market) in Hamburg with great atmosphere and Versengold
    Sunshine here and there, amazing music everywhere – and a good day. And I always keep on losing y heart to Versengold, and how they improvised when there was that power outage…great time but got pretty cold in the evening…
  • Mud Masters mud & obstacle run in Luhmühlen, close to Hamburg – 12km
    Pretty much the downfall for me, as I passed out after having gone down the slide and hit the cold water – the mix of fear, exhaution and the cold water killed me totally, brought me to the mediecal personnel but…I still continued afterwards because I really wanted to finish… [report here]
  • FC Köln playing internationally & me attending a home match vs Belgrad
    So exciting, so waited for this and…not the best match but the pyro before the match and it being an international match…dream come true, really! [report here]
  • Working at my company´s office in Cologne for 1,5 days
    …and man the office is one of the Kranhäuser in Cologne, with a direct view onto Cologne Cathedral on one side and on the river Rhine on the other side…just view metres away from it – so beautiful during sunrise…


  • Sometimes love turns into friendship…
    …better friendship than nothing at all, though it´s not been an easy step. But necessary.
  • Working at my company´s Cologne office for a whole week
    …and that with a view, thanks to the company being located in one if the Kranhäuser in Cologne 😉
  • Seeing Versengold in Hamburg in concert
    And that was probably the hottest and most sweaty show I have ever been to – but two amazing hours, it turned me totally addicted! [report here]
  • Watching FC Köln vs. Bremen in Cologne
    …and somehow being desperate why they´re just so unable to get shit doing properly…


  • Watching FC Köln play internationally vs Borisov Bate in Cologne
    …what a damned party, what a damned exciting match, and what a victory…so happy that I was able to see this! [report here]
  • Migraine is back…
    …and is ruining a concert for me and struck me down for a full damned day again…oh how little I had missed it…
  • Ditched my master´s studies
    …because it simply did not work together with work – if it was the assignments to be done virtually, or the courses I would have to attend right there in the next semester. I neither have the time to travel due to vacation days and money…just didn´t work out, time will come for it…


  • Mittelalterlich Spectaculum winter edition in Dortmund, watching Faey (and not photographing for a change)
    …in a really disgusting weather to be saying the least. But the market with all of the lights was so beautiful and romantic…I love candles and lights in general…
  • Interviewing and watching a show of Nothing More
    And having the time of my life, a guitar pick hit my eye, and elbow meet my head and everything…and it was still so amazing! I enjoyed every bit of it, and I cannot wait until the band comes back!