Review: Hotel Bürgerhof (Cologne, Germany)

So I was in Cologne over the Christmas days, and to give myself and everyone else some more freedom and space during thos elovely but fully packed and partially stressful days, I decided to book myself into a hotel. And as my aunt was already staying there, the decision was easy.

My mum had picked up my keys already on the day of arrival – on the one hand great that it´s possible, on the other hand a bit odd if you think about the fact that only the surname made picking up the name possible…ah well, let´s not put too much weight onto that but still.

So let´s start with the room – my room hadn´t been used for a while I guess, at leats it felt like it due to the the smel – opening the window rather quickly changed that, so it was all good in the end. The hotelroom was spacey and had a double bed, plenty of space for storing things and everything was just perfectly fine size-wise.

The bed itself was…a bit too soft for myself, but I git used to it quickly – and since my back didn´t complain, and sleeping on the sides, on my belly and on the back felt pretty good, I was positively surprised. I didn´t expect that I was gonna sleep quite well in there when I sat down on it and tested the mattress. Bedlinen was okay, but finding something to bitch about it would be generally rather tough 😉

Space-wise, the bathroom was totally okay, just the bits of mold in the shower were not making me too happy as I am always easily feeling turned off by such things. It´s hilarious how sensitive I am even about the smallest bits of it, but that´s me. The shower also was a bit funny – first time I was standing in there and turned on the water, it nearly blew me away because the water pressure was full power all of a sudden 😀

So the room overall – hardly anything to complain, especially since it´s not been the hotel´s falt that I was simply too dumb to be able to turn on the TV (that even had Sky). I simply failed even though having read the instructions, but in the end I didn´t have any tme anyways and instead enjoyed the silence. Talking about silence  it´s been lovely silent during nighttime, I wouldn´t even have needed my earplugs.

After sleep comes…yes, breakfast! A small little buffet that had everything you needed – tea, coffee, water, juices…and the bread rolls of different kinds, croissants and then the normal stuff you find on buffets. I would´ve loved to have some cereals but as the milk was with lactose, same for the yoghurt, I decided on ditching it since with all the food in general my body had enough struggles to facce. So also that was totally fine, all good!

Last but not least – the staff I met was polite and nice, I felt well there. So overall – if I was in need of a hotel in that area again, I´d clearly be returning!