Half Marathon – Training Week 12 +13 (25.12.207 – 07.01.2018)


First run after Christmas foods, after only walking and first timeand using my new compression socks for the first time – and the very first 3km were bloody hell and running was no fun as my legs hurt like bloody hell.
Afterwards and the longer the run was in the end, the better and fresher my legs felt – so something I need to get used to I guess.
Only bad thing about the run with some sunrays – too many pople around who probably had all the same idea as I had – using the very few and rare moments of sun!


A long New Year´s run – there was the sun shining, the ground was still muddy but my will to go out was so huge.
I had not been drinking and thus was all fit, and going out in my new shoes really made me feel like running on clouds – even though my feet still need some more time adapting to the new cut and feeling and general way of running.
I even ended up in the middle of the field because my path simply ended all of a sudden. But those 13km really felt amazing – I was done afterwards, but didn´t regret it for a second!


Well, my physiotherapist said, that I am allowed to run a max of 5km because of this damned muscle pressing onto a nerve…and so I thought, I could do this because I felt amazing during the day. And to be honest – I should´ve not done it.
Already during the first 2km I noticed that something was not normal with my right leg and how I was running, just thought it was all my mind blocking but it wasn´t. In the end the muscle was cramping and the pain shooting down my leg…
I was happy that I somehow got home in the end and after my 4km.