Bucket List #19 – Eat vegan for a whole week

Well, first off – this is not the start into a totally vegan life – I simply love my animal products too much and fell well with eating those. But I wanna broaden my horizon, wanna try out new things and gain back my excitement for animal products.

One thing already now – I tried to go without my protein shake, but had to go back to it because the amount of proteins that I had through my normal food was simply not enough – and I am not gonna buy special vegan protein powder for such a short amount of time.

Day 0 – Grocery Shopping

I already expected it to not be THAT easy – but I was surprised in the end in how many products are not vegan which I thought that they were vegan. And also it kinda made me upset how expensive that vegan cheese, the soy products and whatnot actually are. It´s hilarious, really. Fresh and healthy food also is – and that´s somethin that really made me annoyed alread doing shopping, besides feeling like always checking what was actually in the ingredients…

Day 1 – Monday (09.01.2018)

  • Breakfast – Smoothie of raspberry and coconut water
    Really tasty, but not made for a breakfast because it´s just too sour – next time as a lunch I think!
  • Lunch – Bread with fake coldmeat and a bit of salad
    That coldmeat…I will never get to liking it, really…i´s awful I think. Maybe I will at least get used to it…
  • Dinner Falafel, beetroot, onion and some pointed cabbage as as salad
    Tasted so amazing! One of those things I will clearly make more often!
  • Snacks – Bio crackers with taste of tomato and herbs, chooclcate rice waffles, vegan gummi bears
    Really good for in between when you usually had some sweets – okay, I also had sweets as you can see but…less than I used to.

From morning on I felt like a truck had ran over me or parked on me, and somehow the headache and this odd feeling simply didn´t want to leave at all – I felt like going through withdrawal from something. It really was no fun, and actually I expected it to be easier than it had been in the end.

Day 2- Tuesday (09.01.2018)

  • Breakfast – Bread with fake coldmeat, salad and avocado
    A really good and tasty mix, that made me feel full for long – and was still good for my bitchy stomach
  • Lunch – Alpro soy yoghurt with lemon taste with rice-chocolate waffel and coconut-chocolate bit
    Good and heavy, nothing to eat in one go, rather something to be eating over several hours and that´s also what I did
  • Dinner – Tofu with pointed cabbage and tomato
    And that pre-spiced tofu was really tasty, like, really – something I will surely be eating again. Just the cobination with the veggies I chose wasn´t the best somehow.
  • Snacks none, added them to the yoghurt

During nighttime I had migraine signs, and when I woke up it didn´t get better and I just felt sick – fully sick, like my body was performing a full strike on my costs because it´s pouting about the food it got yesterday. But I anyways stuck to my vegan eating…and it felt easier today than yesterday, maybe also because I wasn´t exactly hungry anyways because of not feeling well.

Day 3 – Wednesday (10.01.2018)

  • Breakfast – Bread with fake cheese and salad and tomato
  • Lunch – Smoothie of raspberry, banana, coconut water and soy milk
    I love smoothies – so much! It´s just annoying they lose their taste if you don´t prepare them all fresh like I did today.
  • Dinner – Falafel, corn and beetroot with salad
    Not too creative, but quick, healthy and rather friendly to the stomach – and I simply love beetroot, it´s become THE vegetable of the winter time for me!
  • Snacks – Veggie chips
    They were okay, I expected more but somehow…they tasted odd. Not gonna buy that brand again, maybe some others.

Finally feeling better, yet still weak and thus needed many vitamins in form of whatever food possible – thus a lot of different veggies, and trying not to think about how much I was longing for some good chicen breast or salmon…okay, I permanently was thinking about food today, no matter what kind of food…no other thoughts.

Day 4 – Thursday (11.01.2018)

  • Breakfast – Bread with fake coldmeat and vegan cheese, salad and tomato
    It starts to become so terrible boring…I really need something else, something more inspired…
  • Lunch – Zucchini, beans, champignons and corn amaranth waffle
    Light and trying to get some more proteins – just the right amount for a good amount of lunchtime food
  • Dinner – Tofu with zucchini, corn, salad and vegan cheese and salad
    Quick, and with the cheese a bit heavier than usual but h so good I could have been eating 24-7!
  • Snacks – Vegan gummi bears

I feel like I am doing well, except the fact my macro tracking really tells me I am having too little protein – I need to change that, working out with so little protein in my food is ridicolous.

Day 5 – Friday (12.01.2018)

  • Breakfast – Bread with fake coldmeat and vegan cheese, salad and tomato
    Nothing special, just a desperate try to get rid off the cold meat without it being the only taste giver of the meal xD
  • Lunch – Pointed cabbage, beans and tomato with curry sauce
    Something quick and light for lunchtime, which was more than I had expected and thus filling me really well
  • Dinner – Lizza pizza with vegan cheese, selfmade tomato spread, onions, paprika and corn
    I just needed a “cheat meal” – and pizza always goes, and decided for Lizza because less carbs and more protein combared to normal dough – what a great meal it was!
  • Snacks – Lemon sorbet
    I needed something “sweet” – would´ve loved some ice cream but…nope.

The moment when you go to the store to buy stuff for a pizza…and you want pine apple and salmon and end up with a veggie pizza. To be fair, veggie pizza was tasty but it feels lik ethe lamest thing one could ever be eating. I am annoyed, really.

Day 6 – Saturday (13.01.2018)

  • Breakfast- Bread with avocado and onion
    Avocado…I love it in all kinds possible, and on a warm and crispy bread…good start into the day!
  • Lunch – Bread with fake teewurst, tomato spread, tomato and onion
    Quick and dirty, surprised about the fake teewurst – clearly a recommendation for me though it will never be as good as the real one!
  • Dinner – Shirataki spaghetti with arrabiata sauce, veggie skewers and tofu
    Far too massive, but also really good – especially the tofu that I prepared with curry and such – I ould really get used to this all!

The day felt good, I felt pretty much fit and like I got used to eating vegan – even though going through the store and pass by all the meat and cold cut meat was tough. But what was even worse: passing by my beloved feta cheese. Oh how I dearly miss it…

Day 7- Sunday (14.01.2018)

  • Breakfast – Pancakes with jam, banana and chooclate and raspberry sauce
    Man, what a breakfast – and the first time I did pancakes not with a certain mix but all myself and they turned out oka – the mix made it amazing though!
  • Lunch – Rice crackers with avocado
    …because I needed something light but healthy, and that combination was just dope!
  • Dinner – Potato dumplings with veggies
    A heavy dinner that turned out bigger in the end than planned to be honest – and I am not a fan of those dumplings, but the other ones weren´t vegan…

To be honest, all I really do miss is cheese – any kind of cheese. And surely the first thing I´ll be doing tomorrow morning is having cheese. Real cheese. As the first thing in the morning. And maybe some fish. Tuna e.g. I don´t miss meat anymore at all, never expected that this happen!


Man, what an experience. At first I thought it would be a walk in the park, then during the first two days I thought I was never gonna be finishing this week and then at the end it didn´t feel that tough anymore because I found so many great unknown products that I wanted and still need to be trying.

And this is why I will continue – with a difference: it will be MOSTLY vegan, but not only vegan. Simply because I am missing certain products too much and have always been missing them throughout this week. Others I rarely missed (like real milk, yoghurt and such), and so I will try to not have them anymore.

So: it´s been great to widen the horizon, and I am happy I really tried it!