Half Marathon – Training Week 14 (08.01.2018 – 14.01.2018)

So instead of actual training in form of running, I had to switch to workouts in the gym – simply because the muscle that is killing my sciatice nerve needs some rest and a chance to relax and I need it to recover in shape of physiotherapy that I am having twice a week.

Therefore, it´s gonna be a report on my doings at gym for this week!


35min cross trainer // 10min stretching // 16min weights

I started off with some cardio on the crosstrainer, 30 minutes are still doable even though I always gotta watch my muscle and see if it starts bitching or not – but luckily it didn´t. Then I went on to my stretching routine (15min), and noticed that here and there my muscle felt more loose than it had been lately – but then all of a sudden it snapped and started hurting again.
Unfortunately. So I had to be extra careful with my strength training, but I took it easy and did some upper legs, and then of course arms and back…
And in the end, my good mood still didn´t come back – I staed grumpy and annoyed about being unable to go for a run.


40min cross trainer // 15min stretching // 30min weights

Happy to be feeling better, I gave gym another try and kep it rather short with my cardio because it somehow didn´t feel too good, and rather invested a bit more time than I had planned into working with weights, exercises for a variety of parties in my legs and my upper body and arms – I sure do know I will have sore muscles tomorrow…


50min crosstrainer // 20min stretching // 35min weights

Had a not so amazing mood before gym and felt weak and sleepy – so actually getting to the gym was the biggets struggle today – but I made it. Luckily. The workout went well, I felt better during my time on the cross trainer and I so enjyed the work with weights and doing all the exercises for my arms, and a bit for legs, belly and back.


55min coss trainer // 5min stretching // 15min weights

Actually I hadn´t even planned on going to gym today but somehow I didn´t want to clean up my apartment and thus found it the best excuse to go for a workout whilst listening to the soccer livestream as the 1. FC Köln was playing – so my heart rate recordings are not really usable, because whenever it got exciting in the stream, my heart of course reacted…but it was a good workout, even if it was shorter than usual – simply didn´t have enough power and will left anymore.