Cooking: Salad of glass noodles, radish, mango and asian dressing

Cooking book: Lust auf Kochen: Kreative Rezepte für jeden Tag
Publisher: Kochhaus

Estimated time:  20min
Actual time:  25min

Difficulty: 1/10
Amount: For 1 person (initially two but easy to split up)
Price per person: ~2€

I think my biggest struggle was at first trying to split up the 100g of glass noodles that I had – in the end split it up after the cooking/soaking in hot water. The combination of those noodles with the rest of the ingredients, clearly something spicy and and patially hot – the only thing that makes this dish not perfect for winter time is that only the noodles were warm, and the rest of the salad was of course cold.

There was one thing I had to adapt – the vinaigrette, as in the recipe it was with peanuts and I am allergic to those, so I instead too some spice mix from Just Spices that was made for an asian dressing. And it fit really well!

So this is clearly something that is perfect for a summer evening where you need somethig fresh and light and still filling – but not for now 😉 So I am gonna wait until summer and then do it again ^^