Half Marathon – Training Week 15 (15.01.2018 – 21.01.2018)


30min crosstrainer // 15min stretching // 17min weights

It´s been one of those workouts where you really don´t have the energy, nor the will – it´s when discipline needs to be kicking in because otherwise you don´t even make it to gym. But: I made it to gym and also did around an hour of workout, which is less than usual but I didn´t feel like having any power left for a proper workout, and also my right leg was bitching a bit – not my day, to sum it up.



35min crosstrainer // 21min stretching // 30min weights

Sunday, funday, or something like this – my mood was low again but at least my leg cooperated far better than earlier on this week. Small improvements, you know – baby steps is what counts at times though it sucks. The crosstrainer and I are becoming best friends, once more and more less – today was a good one, and also I had left enough power to torture my legs, back and upper body with my weight training. It can always go like this if it was me!