Review: Hotel am Bayrischen Platz – Leipzig

I am always hesitant to book hotels, because I did have some bad experiences (e.g. in Paris) – so the website has become THE platform for me to choose my hotels.

And this time it´s been one that has been unusual expensive, usually I try to go for something cheaper but because I had been searching for something rather close to the venue in Leipzig where Versengold had been playing.

And I found this hotel, just 5min of walking away and close to tram and train station. Couldn´t be any better, so the 79€ that I paid were still a lot but it was the best choice around. Quick to reach from main station, quick to reach some sights close by and some smaller stores and restaurants also around. Nothing else that you would need, specially not if you´re just staying for a night. Location wise for me a jackpot!

The check-in is at around 2pm, which for my taste is kinda late, 1pm would be nicer

though – but at least I was able to drop off my luggage at the hotel before and then wander around, and get my room keys even a tad before 2pm.


When going up to my room it smelled a lot like new paint – and so it did in my room at first. opening the window for a while quickly solved the problem, but it had made me skeptic at first – but that quickly faded.

The room looked really new and modern, and extremely clean. The bathroom had just the right size, only the fact that the toilet was so close to the door that it was a bit uncomfy was a downside. The rest was just really good, comfy towels, good light, nice mirror, nice and big shower.

The room itself was not too big, but had all you needed – a little wardrobe, a desk with TV and a chair and a single bed. And this bed – I thought at first the mattress would be too stiff but I totally fell in love with it. So good to sleep on, my back really appreciated the mattress and the pillows. Only thing – maybe caused by me not being all fit – the blanket could´ve been thicker and warmer for my taste.

I am, though, not a fan of carpet flooring – that´s maybe the biggest downside of the room. Because even though my window halfway went to the street side, you hardly heard a thing when it was closed. And that really did impress me – I had forgotten my earplugs and had been worried, for nothing pretty much.

The next morning, the breakfast was okay. The breakfast room was big, and at early hour it was hardly anyone around, so you still had some space. Choice of bread and such was good, same for cold meat and cheese and such. Downside was the not cold-put milk that kinda kept me from eating some cereals. But I was full anyways, so all good. but for this price that you paid – well, I am not sure if it was just enough.

Last but not least – really nice staff, nothing to complain about.

That´s also why this hotel would clearly be a recommendation from my side!


Leiptssschhhh…well no, Leipzig!

So, my second time in Leipzig – the first time I was there with a friend visiting another one, because we wanted to also go to a show – and I had been struck down by the flu so badly, that I couldn´t even attend the show. And this time it´s not much better – just that I am going by train, and that I was not doing as bad as back then – I really had the feeling it was going uphill health wise and was confident it would be all good.

So I had booked my trains when I was still healthy, ages ago – and had planned on excessive sightseeing. So I had to get up at 4.30am, because my train left Hamburg mainstation at 6.30am – what a hell of a time, awful. Especially when you ain´t really fit, it´s torture – but I hopped onto the train and then fell asleep pretty much, and really felt rather fit when I got off the train in Leipzig.

This time I´ve been smarter than I had been in Bremen – my extra pair of leggings, well, thermal leggings, gloved and everything – all prepaired for some sightseeing. Camera was prepared, and I was ready – so I at first walked around the center to get these sights done. Partially. I surely could have done and seen more, but when you´re sick, then you don´t want to walk that much because every step is exhausting.

But it was worth it – and quicker than I had expected I was close to the church in which Versengold were playing, and I was stunned how beautiful it was from the outside – and how damned big! The area around there surely would not be one where I would have wanted to be living. That´s clear – somehow the band always ends up in such areas…

Then I went to drop off my luggage (backpack) at the hotel, so I didn´t have to carry that around, then had the fight to find a pharmacy, that was still open. And damn, I´ve been ina  city I thought and still I had to walk quite a bit to get what I needed. Annoying.

Then I went to the Monument to the Battle of the Nations – I had planned to be walking but decide don taking the train because 3,5km one way had been just too much.

My body would have not been able to handle that, so I invested some money to get back and forth. Once there, I was really impressed about the whole architecture, that feeling the building and everything gave you when you entered.

Whilst many rushed through, I took the time and sat down. Let the building unfold its effects onto me. It was really impressive and worth paying the entry fee of 8€!

Once I was back, I grabbed a little snack and then check into the hotel, fell onto the bed and fell asleep for an hour. I was so exhausted I couldn´t even imagine attending the concert..

And on my train ride back home the next day, I slept pretty much the whole time because I was just tired. But it was good!


More photos of my sightseeing in Leipzig can be found here: 

Concert: Versengold – Nacht der Balladen (Leipzig, 17.02.2018)

So, second show of this mini-tour, as I already have been to Bremen to see this show – this night of ballads, magic, melancholy and big feelings. One should think, that it´s getting less emotional, less touching if you see the same set a second time. But one thing I can tell you right away: not less, but it becomes different.

But let´s start from where you gotta start – the venue. A church. And what a church from the outside – when I walked by for the first time, I was really surprised how big it looked and also from the inside it was big. But unfortunately less beautiful – it really needs a big amount of renovation, unfortunately. You didn´t see much of it furing the show, but nevertheless it was disappointing.

Disappointing was also how people acted when doors opened – whilst in Bremen people queued like normal grown ups, this doors open was madness because people who did not bother to queue early enough were squeezing in and what not. And I am not sorry if any of these people caught one or two of

my ellbows. I´d been there since 16:15, and if you got no will to come early, don´t expect others to tolerate your asshole behaviour. I was really pissed off, but in the end got still a sweet spot in the first row again. And right where I wanted to pretty much. But still I was annoyed, and I was freezing inside – my fever didn´t quite help, but even without I think it´s been rather cold.  It got warmer during the show, but still – mostly I was freezing.

And then the show…some songs had become more emotional, some less emotional and some have changed…
“Schnee fällt” has probably been the song that had become so much more emotional and I cannot tell why – but it broke me into pieces.

“Herz durch die Wand” is more and more becoming a song that means loads to me – when I heard it live last year for the first time I fell in love, but this “connection” to the song is becoming stronger and stronger. A lot stronger.

“Tjark Evers” – I am still in love with this song, and it´s still emotional but it has changed – it´s still intense and I suck up every second. But it´s not tearing me up anymore. Okay, a little, still. Especially because the sound of the church just made the song sound even more powerful than at a normal venue with average acoustics. I really do hope they will play it now and then even outside of this tour…

What was really odd was that during “Biikebrennen” you weren´t even allowed to properly dance – yeah you were allowed to “dance” right in front of your chair, but not a metre away from it. Totally off, really.

I am still not a 100% convinced about the performances of the female singer they had with them – some things still feel really off and she cannot hold higher tunes and it feels forced. Maybe it´s also a problem of comparing the CD versions with a different singer to her now and in a live setting. But anyways, I would´ve wished for someone else to be there as a singer at least in 30% of the songs with female vocals. I am not sure what to think about it. Sweet girl that could use some more vocal lessons…I think that sums it up rather well.

Anyways- I had a fun time, at times I felt dizzy and my fever made it here and there good that it was a seated show. Because standing all the time would have not worked for me at all – I really have to be realistic there.


Now looking forward to the next versengold show in April – this time with the “Funkenflug” tour again, and a rocking show!

2 months can feel like a lifetime

So at the beginning of January I ran last. Well no, I mean, a proper run, one through the fields and lasting longer than 10km. For me, it´s been two months where I felt like someone has been taking my breath away from me, someone has been choking me and stabbing my heart every day.

Sounds dramatic, right? But if you fell in love with an activity, an activity that clears your mind, clears your thoughts and worries for the duration of the run, losens the stiff muscles in your neck and shoulders…and if you have a damned goal that you work towards: the first half marathon. Then it really is dramatic. Feels like it at least.

The past soon two months have required a lot of discipline, because I didn´t feel like doing anything because it didn´t feel like having any sense anways. And that was my main struggle – this seeing a sense in working out, even though I knew deep down inside I had to keep going with this alternative programme and work on strengthening whatever needed to be better at my running.

And I kept going and then it felt better, the muscle problems got less and less and I had hope – so I tried a little run and all the pain was back, then rested, did more and more of all those exercises that my physiotherapist gave me. It´s torture, and I hate it. Every damned second of it and I still do it because I know I have to. There is no way out if I want to really do my half marathon successfully (whatever successful means in this sense right now).

It´s been going a lot back and forth, one step forward, two steps back and the same again and again – it really felt like my application marathon before I had found my current job last year. It´s been crazy, demotivating, depressing and killing my last nerves. I am honest, I sat down at times crying because I felt so bad and upset about the whole thing. Felt like there was no light at the end of the tunnel…

Now I am having special inlays to support my body when running, and I hope that starting in March everything will just improve and that I will be able to go for runs normally and painfree in the best case. Because another month of struggles, frustration and pain is something I really cannot put up with – neither time wise when it comes to my training for the half marathon, nor mentally. I need some success feeling, whatever it might be. I was happy if I can run for 5km without feeling pain afterwards or what not, but even with the damned inlays I need some time to get used to those and I will lose more and more time again.

It´s like one thing comes after the other, the injuries, me being sick so much during the two months that already now I beat the amount of sick days from the whole past year. And I have no idea why. My body is just rebelling it seems.

Maybe the time out I had to take now thanks to the flu did some good things, too…hope dies last. Or something like this. I think. Hope. Being sick is simply mentally exhausting, not only body wise…

So I simply declare now March to be my “comeback” to amazing running and health! 😉

A little health update

Hey guys,

sorry that it´s been that quiet lately for soon a week – but since Sunday I am pretty much all struck down thanks to a flu that I probably already had caught in Bremen at the concert. The week that followed on after the show was already tricky, that Thursday last week I felt really bad and on Friday I had stayed at home and did home office already simply because I didn´t have the power to go to the office.

The last weekend did not make it any better, and a visit at the doctor´s showed what I had feared – that all my symptoms, the fever, the aching joints, the weakness, the “i am sleeping all day”, belonged to the flu and I was able to do was rest.

And that´s what I did – I hardly moved out of bed, and the way from bed to couch was already feeling like a marathon at times. I slept up to 18h a day, and now I am slowly getting better. Baby steps, really.

Today my doctor said that from tomorrow on it´s supposedly getting better because I am halfway over the time it usually takes to get over it – well I really hope she is right, because this exhaustion and dizziness and weakness and everything is really killing me. I´ve never been the healthiest person but this really kicks my ass right now.

So yeah, I am off to bed now again and sleep yet another round!

Hello, Bremen! (10.02.2018)

It´s funny that so far I had only seen the main station, the airport and the soccer stadium in Bremen. I noticed that when I was planning this little trip in order to see Versengold play in Bremen. So I kinda listed a few things I wanted to see, booked my car and then started the trip at 9am in the morning, in icy temperatures. And being somehow not in the mood for driving and walking around but still – I did it!

And those temperatures really killed me later on – because the closer I had come to Bremen, the less sun I was seeing. In Hamburg and on my way to Bremen I still needed my sunglasses whilst driving, in Bremen itself the sky was just all grey. And still it was cold.

I was happy I found a parking spot close to Schnoor, the oldest part of the city – but 4 Euros for 2h parking at a parking lot right next to the street was too much for my taste, but no chance to get it cheaper anywhere close by.

So I started walking and walking and whilst I started with chec

king out the Schnoor area, I continue with the cathedral and afterwards literally asked google for interesting sightseeing stuff close by and how hilarious routes I walked you can see on the screenshot 😉

It was nice, because I love looking at old buildings, but especially at Schnoor it was too crowded for myself – I really don´t know at which time it would be empty and proper for photographing.

But I always had people in my shots, but still it was fun. But cold. Really cold. Too cold maybe. My legs were halfway freezing and I was happily driving to the venue – in the warm car.

But there it was no bit warmer of course, no surprise. Why should it. Except the fact the venue was in an area

where I would not want to live to be fully honest. And it was funny seeing the police station right next to the venue – at first I was really worried when I saw police cars and police men going for the venue (that´s what I thought) – just later I noticed it was all harmless hahaha

And parking in that parking house was no bit cheaper than in the centre – okay, it was but still I paid nearly 10€ for the time I have been parking there. Ah well, shit happens. At least it was warmer in the parking house than it had been outside – and it didn´t matter anymore how you tried to warm up during waiting xD

The concert istself – check out the last post before this one 😉

Last but not least – here is the GALLERY for the shots I took in Bremen city centre:

Here you can check out all photos: 

Concert: Versengold – Nacht der Balladen (Bremen, 10.02.2018)

Writing this one is a tough one because my brain is still processing the evening if you can even say so. It´s simply been a touching experience – this night of mostly ballads.

Anyways, the show was totally different – seated, a small venue, mostly ballads, new arrangements and a totally different feeling, a totally different athmosphere. And I was surprised how hard this different atmosphere actually hit me.  I was really in need of tissues because I got so emotional. Back to topic – they had an additional percussionist, additional strings. I am not sure if it really needed the latter.

So we came into this venue, one of us dropped off the jackets and then we ended up waiting in front of another door anyways – but at least they had let us into the warmth earlier than it had been written on the tickets. It´s been so bloody cold that you were fully frozen after waiting. It´s not really been fun even though the company good 😉

And then after yet another hour waiting at least inside and on our chairs – yaaaay, frontrow again! – it was time. The curtains were closed, and the show started. The start into an intimate, honest and emotional evening. They played so many songs that mean so much to me, like “Vom Zauber des Wildfräuleins” that has been right from day 1 been a song that felt like THE song to me. And hearing it finally again surely gave me goosebumps and tears.

Just as “Nebelfee” – when I had heard it for the very first time, I was touched, and in such a setting like in the video, tracks like that become even more dangerous for the heart. And yes, I have been crying a lot – it hasn´t really surprised me, but still surprised me some way.

And then – my personal highlight because I had so wited for that – “Tjark Evers”. Initially a song by another german band, Schandmaul, but changed to a certain German dialect to make it more appropriate. And I had been counting days to finally hear this song live. And then it was there. And I felt like it just dragged me into a totally different world far away from reality.

But I was also happy to hear some songs where you did not need to be sitting – okay, here comes the apology to the rows behind me: sorry I´ve always been so quick in standing up, but faster songs just do never keep me sitting. No chance. Give up.

And of course – I totally got excited when they played – right after the break they did – “Biikebrennen”. I love this instrumental, and if they would have not played it (even though it clearly is no ballad) I would´ve been highly disappointed. I think I had never been up from a chair and dancing as quick as last night when I noticed the tune xD Same goes for another instrumental part – I just love those. And I don´t care what anyone thinks about me when I am simply having fun then 😀

What I haven´t yet mentioned was, that they also had a female singer- after having been really skeptical due to some not so convincing live video on Facebook and my general dislike against female singers, I really liked it. Okay, except for sone song where for me it simply did not fit to have a female singer plus she didn´t sound too well during that one. But I can get through this one, though it´s also a really important song to me.

So I´ve been talking around and around…CONCLUSION?
I loved it, it´s been a great experience though I am not sure if it´s the right format for me. Why? Because I already am a melancholic and thoughtful person in “everyday life”, and hearing loads of emotional ballads in a thoughtful atmosphere – I am really not sure if that does the trick for me compared to the “normal” shows that Versengold usually do. Usually I can turn off the mind and totally dive into another world, go to my happy place – and this show rather has been a “look here that shit happened and that sad thing happened and here have some tears” show for me.

I will nevertheless go to Leipzig as I had planned and also I have booked everything. Simply because I want to see if it feels different when seeing the show a second time when not everything is new and super emotional. Let´s see what happens.

But that all does not mean that the show would be bad – it´s really great, and something you should see if you like the band – because it´s just so different to the usual happy crcazy escalating shows you get to see. Full of emotion, quiet passion, melancholy…

Inspire me!

Lately people asked me, if – now that I workout and run so much – if I had any role models. I must have one they said. And so I actually sat down for a while to think about it and: no, I do not have a role model.

BUT: I have runners that do inspire me. For zillions of different reasons that partially are even hard to put into words. And the funfact right at the start: those people I actually just found via Instagram and later figured out that they´re not all unknown in the end.

And that´s already the first point that makes them special: they´re approachable, they don´t look down on you, they reply to comments, they´re eager to help fellow runners and they share a lot about their runs and what not.

I know, I know, you read until here to hear names. Would be too easy and nice from me to already give them, right?

My first inspiration is a German long-distance runner, who was German Champion over 5000m and 10.000m and even was European Champion in 2006 over the 10k distance. And here you go with the name: Jan Fitschen!
I am closely following him on Instagram, and he´s a great motivation for me with all of his posts and everything. The way he acts, down to earth…honest and just normal. And I LOVE when he is giving his tips in e.g. his stories and such. It´s really helping me, because I am really at my beginnings. With my knowledge and everything – all I have is google because I don´t feel like joining a club or team (yet) and simply don´t have the money to go for a coach right here or anything like that. In all ups and downs, always a good portion of motivation is to be found in his posts! And that´s just what I need in my half-marathin preparation time!
I would SO love to meet him…that would totally boost my motivation…

The second runner that is inspiring me is also German, and is a long distance and ultra distance runner. Maybe some of you know #runwiththeflow or have read it somewhere already. And the name is: Florian Neuschwander!
He is also someone I got to know thanks to Instagram– and he is someone who is a funny and entertaining guy, and inspiring through the stuff he does and the distances he just easily seems to be running. I really cannot exactly tell why he is inspiring to me, he simply is. And makes me wish I was able to run just in the same surrpundings where he is runing…so jealous!

Half Marathon – Training Week 17 (29.01.2018 – 04.02.2018)


25 crosstrainer // 16min stretching // 40min weights

I received my resistance bands today for my hip workout and was totally eager to use them right when stretching at gym anyways as I usually did – and well, the difference between with no band and the thinnest one – bloody hell! I did suffer, believe me – the rest of the workout was nothing against that.
Okay, maybe some of my leg exercises, some of those are simply not my faves and never will be but – no pain, no gain and shit like that!


35min crosstrainer // 17min stretching // 51min weights

I really didn´t feel like doing a lot of cardio today and I was happy when my warmup on the crosstrainer has been over- I was feeling as if I had run a marathon already.  The strength training then went better – still not as good as it could have been but I was okay and happily exhausted doing my programme.


50min crosstrainer // 17min stretching // 42min weights // 25min seated biking

Cardio day today! That was my plan, but in the end…So yes I did a lot of cardio with trying a new programme when being on my crosstrainer and at the end of the workout I decided to add on some seated biking.
But in between it´s been of course stretching (why do guys always look at me as if I was an alien when warming up properly?) and then more weight training than I had initially planned and I made it legday. But I felt good, and time was running faster than I had expected.


4.47km – 35min running

So it was snowing outside, and cold and usually not a time where I would happily go for a run but today I just felt like I had to. The first run since my injury and physiotherapy and the run itself felt really good, though I noticed I was out of shape no matter how much I did cardio and everything – it´s still something different.
After the run I noticed how my muscles stiffened and my injury made a bit of problems gain – but during the run I was high on happiness. As simple as that!

A bit about this and that

This blog entry will be probably a bit of everything – usually I have my headline ready and then fill it up with content, you know – this syndrom of always needing to structure everything, plan everything and have it in the own hands.

Today I will be just writing about whatever comes to my mind, now that I returned from my very first run after my break. Well, actually I am still on that annoying break but when I saw it had snowed, I had to get into my running shoes and give in to it. And I didn´t regret it, though the brain said it´s been a probaby really stupid idea – snow, maybe slippery and then going for a run. But my mind was happy in the end, and that´s what counts. Soon physiotherapy again – and though I love my physiotherapist, it really starts to be annoying as it kills two evenings a week. I could really think of something nicer than this – like a lazy evening of not doing anything at all or so.

Simply because my half-marathon training has really eaten all of my free time and no matter how much gym and everything makes me feel good and clears m mind, the times where I am simply annoyed about it all and would like to ditch it all. I am simply not used to really devoting that much time to training up to a certain event, it´s something totally new for me. And besides that physical aspect, I really got to know me better, body wise and especially mind wise. And I learnt how much the mind plays a role in all of this – in good and bad times, on good and bad days. And I am surprised I can be so full of discipline, never would´ve guessed that. But yeah, I am happy when I have finished my half marathon and have less pressure for going to workouts and for runs..

But well, until this is gonan be the case, a lot of other things are coming up…Versengold concert in Bremen coming weekend, the weekend after it´s Versengold in Leipzig and at the start of March Apocalyptica in Glasgow. And what I am also really looking forward to is my vacations in Abu Dhabi – though everything feels so far away and whilst I am planning so much at work, for my private life I really suck at planning and arranging right t the moment. Maybe I used all my energy for work and gym that my brain simply says no afterwards. All my discpline is used up once I am home hahahaa

Same goes for being social – I guess I never needed that much time to myself like I need it right now. Okay, I don´t have much time anyways, but when I do, I like to be alone – with TV, with computer games, music or my books. Just not being social – even though I like my friends, I simply don´t have the power to socialize xD And that´s what most of my friends at least understand, luckily. Still, I feel guilty about being so unsocial but I cannot change it at the moment somehow. Also I am still searching for the excitement for all my concerts trips – usually I was all excited in advance but now it is rather like “okay, I am going to a show…and actually I am too lazy to travel”. I have no idea what happened to me hahaha I have become such a boing person…but once I am there, I will be all happy and enjoying it, even though I really have been becoming calmer and less outgoing. But that´s totally fine ^^