Half Marathon – Training Week 16 (22.01.2018 – 28.01.2018)


33min crosstrainer // 16min stretching // 25min weights

Discipline is what made me hit the gym today – not the will for a workout. It had to be done and I know that I must not skip training days because if I do, I would never get my half marathon going and working out.
So yeah, my bad mood – I felt sorr for everyone at gym, I simply put on my headphones, turn up the volume and zoomed out of reality to just get it done. But I more and more start getting fond of weights again, it´s fun if you vary it enough!


35min biking // 17min walk-run // 14min stretching // 13min weights

Because of my leg making problems, I had to switch from crosstrainer to biking and hell that was so terribly boring that I ended up watching a series on my phone because otherwise it would have just killed my mood even more.
Total no go, next time I´ll be bringing a book -.- When my muscle relaxed, then I gave it a try to go for a little run – I mean, 2min walking and one minute of running for a bit and it went quite well.
I think the biggest problems when I have fully recovered will be my mind, because it will be making up hilarious worries and thoughts of if I run properly and normal, if it might start hurting in a bit, if I am stable enough…it´s really a struggle.


45min crosstrainer // 21min stretching // 35min weights

Today I was even quite motivated – and went to gym in the late morning – and it was so beautifully empty!
I was having a good sweat during my cardio training, cooled down a bit during my stretching that partially made me struggle due to the pain in my leg – it was there all of a sudden and left and came back and…it was annoying. But my weight training was good, even though now walking and lifting things is not that easy anymore 😉


35min crosstrainer // 15min stretching // 55min weights

I had gotten up at 2pm – because my depression blocked me again and my bed held me hostage. All of a sudden I kicked my ass, got mealprep done and immediately packed up for gym, prepared with my workout booster.
And it worked – I was having power, though I really just felt like I needed to work out to have sore muscles afterwards and feel more alive than before, and it worked. It was a heavy workout, and even though I wasn´t able to zoom out and fully focus, it was a good choice!